5 Things You Need To Know While Applying PR for Australia

Permanent Residency

Australia is the top-most study abroad destination in the world. Every year thousands and lakhs of candidates visit to fulfill their dream. Many students visit on study visas and do their best to settle down there. To settle in Australia, firstly, students select and get admission to an Australian university. They appear for the exams like TOEFL, IELTS, GRE etc. This is followed by preparing their documents like Statement of Purpose, Letter of recommendation etc. Also, it is important to apply as per the eligibility criteria of the universities, as every university has a different set of universities. After your degree is done and you have got a job, you can think of applying for permanent residency in Australia.

To be eligible for PR in Australia, you must have stayed for two years, have a year of work experience, and have sufficient points in the English language test. While applying, it is very much important to be aware of the procedures so that you can carry on without any problem.

Though the application process is very easy, it is still important to check the eligibility criteria. Also, migration regulations keep changing, so it is mandatory to be aware of all the changes that will help you with your process.

Following are some of the points you should know while applying for PR in Australia:

  • Skill assessment- The first step is to go for General Skilled Migration, and which the candidate has to decide which occupation to nominate and pass this assessment. The criterion is different for each occupation. You can also nominate your occupation on the Skills occupations list (SOL), as it has nearly 190 occupations listed. You can also go for Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List (CSOL), as it has nearly 600 occupations listed.
  • Nomination by state- You can use state nominations to get extra benefits like extra points (5 for living in a metropolitan city and 10 for living in a regional area), list any occupation on CSOL rather than SOL because it has more options, and you will soon get an invitation instead of waiting for the invitation rounds.
  • English language ability- For all the general skilled migration visas, it is important to score 6 points in each of the four components of IELTS. The higher the score, the higher are the chances of getting the visa. It is always recommended to take the IELTS preparation course. The course preparation will help you out how to take the course.
  • Work experience points- You will be allotted points on the basis of your work experience as well. Also, if you have worked prior to studying in Australia, you will be allotted points for that as well.
  • Study in Australia- If you have completed your qualifications in Australia, you will be given marks. For completing two academic years, you will be given 5 points with a Graduation temporary visa. With the graduation temporary visa, you can also complete the combination of classroom and on-the-job training as well, and this will help you to get 5 extra points.

So, above are some of the points one should know as an applicant for Australian citizenship. If you are planning to go to Australia for study or a job, you can consult ‘Gazette Immigration’.

January 7th, 2022

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