A Complete Guide To Get Student Visa For New Zealand

study in New Zealand

New Zealand has one more image, which is totally different from the stereotyped image of being a Rugby-mad country. If the truth has to be told, many students consider it the abode of universities to complete their graduation, masters, and doctoral programs.

Therefore, if you have decided to complete your studies in New Zealand, you need to be congratulated for your wise decision, you should apply for a student visa for New Zealand without much ado.

But, before you proceed to get your visa, you must have proper know-how of the visa process, eligibility criteria, fees, etc. In fact, you must have a precise plan for your stay in New Zealand for the purpose of the study. You will need to have a clear idea of your study plans and how you will support your prolonged stay in NZ once your visa is granted.

The student visa type you need to apply for

There are 3 types of student visas that will allow you to study as a full-time student in New Zealand.

  1. Fee Paying Student Visa

This visa allows students to study for a course for up to 4 years in New Zealand. With this, they can work part-time and live on their own during that tenure.

  1. Dependent Child Student Visa

This visa is for people who are in New Zealand with a visa to either study or work. The dependent child visa allows their dependants to live in New Zealand and study as domestic students in primary/secondary school.

  1. Pathway Student Visa

This visa allows students to choose 3 courses consecutively, one after the other, for the duration of 5 years. They can work part-time during this tenure.

Step-by-step student visa process for New Zealand

The process is pretty simple, but it has been affected slightly due to the current pandemic scenario. Therefore, before starting with the procedure, make sure that you can apply for the same. Once you have a green signal, apply for one of the visas mentioned above.

Collect required documents Research everything in advance and get a consultation on desired documents. Once you have expert advice on mandatory documents to be submitted, you will not have to rush in the end moment.

  • Choose the mode of application 

These days, you have an easy option to apply online without wandering here & there with the hardcopy of the application form. But you can also choose another way of applying through the printed form if you find that method suitable.

  • Apply

Here comes the crucial part, processing the application. If you choose to apply through online mode, create a RealMe account with New Zealand Government. Once you have set up the account, start filling the form. You can also download the application form and fill it to submit it later offline.

  • Pay the application fee

Once you have applied for the visa, it will take around a month to get fully processed. Meanwhile, you can check the progress and stay updated. Once approved, you can pay the fee and wait for your visa to arrive.

The student visa also has further requirements like placement offer from any educational institution, evidence for having financial support for paying tuition fee, proof of enough money to survive in New Zealand, police certificate, etc.

You can grab more information and assistance from a trusted source before starting with the student visa application to study in New Zealand

July 10th, 2021

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