All you need to know about applying Canada PR from Saudi Arabia

to apply Permanent Residence in Canada from saudi arabia

Numerous people want to start a new life in a different country, but the complication of the settling process makes it a challenging task. Few governments are ready to accommodate a big number of people who wish to settle in their country. Therefore, they place hundreds of obstacles in the way of those who wish to do so.

However, this is not the case in every country; many, such as Canada, welcome those who want to settle and prosper in their country. According to studies, more than 1 lakh people wish to move to Canada each year. The Canadian government has proposed a scheme that would allow 2 lakh individuals to enter Canada each year. Suppose you are residing in Saudi Arabia and wondering about How to apply for Permanent Residence in Canada from Saudi Arabia. In that case, you can go through this article to figure out your answer.

Brief description about the visa of Canada PR 

It has been seen that visa of Canada PR is more frequently applied. The validity of the visa expires after 5 years though you need to make your visa done with the assistance of professionals.

The benefits of having a visa for Canada PR from the Saudi Arabian

Advantages for family

  1. Education for kids is free till adulthood.
  2. The entire family will receive the benefit of cashless health care.
  3. After you have Canada PR, it would benefit you with the authority to sponsor the settlement of your parents or grandparents.

Nothing depends upon your employment

  1. You benefit from enjoying Canada’s PR without having a fixed-job.
  2. The authority to work full-time in a company benefits your partner as well.
  3. You are not bound to work for only one company; you can work for as many as you choose.

No partiality

  1. Canada is a country where everyone is treated with equal respect, regardless of religion.
  2. Irrespective of your nationality, Canada will allow you to settle in their country peacefully.

Relation based on trade

  1. Saudi Arabia and Canada have a good trading connection because Saudi Arabia is Canada’s largest oil trading partner.
  2. Hence, a person is considered the greatest property for the Canadian economy if that person is an experienced employee of Saudi Arabia.

How do I apply for a visa for permanent residence in Canada from Saudi Arabia?

There are several ways through which you can apply for a visa to Canada, though the best plan to settle in Canada from Saudi Arabia is the Express Entry Pathway.

  1. You need to score at least 5 on your language test (IELTS) to be eligible for the plan of Express Entry Canada.
  2. You need to have an educational credential assessment report if you are applying for permanent residency in Canada after completing your education in another country. This report is mandatory for the person who is applying through the Express Entry Pathway.
  3. Before creating your profile, you must check whether the NOC list has your occupation listed on it. Your score in the WES assessment should not be less than 65.
  4. When creating your profile, you should choose the problem for which you want to apply. Before applying for the program, check the eligibility criteria so that your profile does not get rejected.
  5. Once you are done with every process, submit your application after double-checking the accuracy of your details.


You can go through the following steps to apply for visas for permanent residency in Canada.

December 2nd, 2021

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