All you need to know about Canada PR Visa

Permanent Residence in Canada

Many people desire to settle their lives in foreign countries to be complexly involved in the settlement process, making it a difficult job. Few countries are not ready to accept a large number of people who are planning to settle in their country, so they put hundreds of restrictions in front of the people who want to settle in their country.

However, this is not the situation in every country. Many countries like Canada welcome the people who want to settle in their country and flourish. Studies have shown that each year there are more than 1 lakh people who want to settle in Canada. The Canadian government has put forward a plan through which they are ready to allow 2 lakh people each year in their country.

If you are wondering, How to get a permanent residence visa Canada? then this post will help you to figure out your answer.

Why do people want to shift to Canada?

Canada is covered with lakes green trees that make it more beautiful and admirable for the nature lover. Canada has a large number of lakes, and it can even be stated that if you combine the number of lakes present in each country of the world, then you will see that this is less than the number of lakes Canada has.

Apart from natural beauty, the Canadian government is responsible enough to take care of its citizen. The government in Canada has arranged a few programs for spreading health awareness.

Who is the Permanent Resident of Canada?

A person who is allowed to settle in Canada even if he is not a citizen of Canada is known as a Permanent Resident of Canada. Canada PR benefits a person with all the rights that the citizen of Canada can enjoy.

What is the various immigration PR program in Canada?

  1. Skilled Immigration PROGRAM
  2. Federal Skilled Worker
  3. Canadian Experience Class
  4. Start-up visa
  5. Provincial Nominee Program

How to be a permanent resident of Canada?

If you are willing to settle your future in Canada, then you can apply for being a permanent resident through the plans for immigration like Federal Skilled Worker, QSWP, and many more. Each of the plans has its own set of rules. You will achieve the resident card of Canada based on the points that you have scored depending upon the secretary of your profile, like age, skills in language, education, and many more.

What documents are necessary for applying for various PR visas?

  1. International English Language Testing System (ILETS) -for providing d test result off language.
  2. Education Credential Assessment (ECA) – only if you apply for the visa through the federal skilled worker’s problem.
  3. You need to show proof of having enough funds to support your initial application for immigrating to Canada
  4. You need to show certificates of education like diploma degrees, certificates of sponsorship
  5. You have to show any document as age proof.
  6. You need to show your passport
  7. You need to show certificates that show you are medical clearance.


If you desire to live a bright future by settling in, then you can successfully apply for ping a permanent resident of Canada.

November 24th, 2021

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