Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program in Canada

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program – Hiring global talent just got easier than ever!

Canada is brimming with opportunities for its citizens and foreigners. With a remarkable rapport among other nations, it is one of the safest places to live a peaceful life. Immigrating to Canada transforms your way of living and your career graph. Pleasant weather and enthralling places generate a zesty wave within. While new opportunities push you to make the most of your skills and potential.

To land you on the grounds of this country, the Atlantic province of Canada proposed the Atlantic immigration pilot Canada program.

About AIPP program

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP) is an employer-led program to employ individuals from outside the boundaries of Canada. The nominated foreign candidates suffice the needs of vacant profiles in the Atlantic Canadian provinces.

Canada has four provinces in the Atlanta region:

  • Nova Scotia
  • Newfoundland & Labrador
  • New Brunswick
  • Prince Edward Island


The recognized individuals are first offered a job by the provincial employer and he/she gets access to a provisional work visa to assure the settlement objectives of the candidates.

  1. Atlantic high-skilled program – This program aims at enhancing the managerial, technical, and in-demand skills in the region.


To be applicable for this program:

  • The candidate must have an employment offer from the province employer
  • The candidate should have at least one year of work experience with 1560 work hours, be it part-time, full-time, or discontinuous.
  • The candidate should be proficient in English or French.
  • The candidate should have enough funds to back up your immigration at the initial landing in Canada.
  1. Atlantic intermediate-skilled program – In this program, the candidates who require job-specific training or high school education are trained to fulfill future prospects.


To be applicable for this program:

  • One must have an offer letter from the designated employer in the province
  • The individual should have work experience gained from inside or outside the territories of Canada
  • A high school diploma/degree, or
  • Foreign degree with a valid ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) that verifies equal education level as that of Canada.
  1. Atlantic international graduate program – The international graduate program is specifically categorized for the candidates who hold a degree/diploma or other educational credentials from the publicly funded institutions in Atlantic province.


To be applicable for this program:

  • One must have been a full-time employee for at least 30 hrs./week
  • The candidate must have been a full-time student in Canada for two years.
  • The candidate should have graduated not more than 24 months before the date of application.
  • The candidate must have been a citizen in any Atlantic province for a minimum of 16 months in the last 2 years before graduation.
  • Possess a visa to study or work in Canada.


Conditions to be excluded from AIGP:

  • Continued distance learning for more than half duration in an enrolled degree.
  • Learned English or French as the second language for more than half of the program.


The UAE candidates eligible for Canada AIPP from Dubai are required to meet a few criteria. To know the details and the formalities of getting a permanent immigrant visa, connect with Gazette Immigration and we provide clear advice to help you make an effective decision to choose the best program and get your PR visa approved.

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