Can a skilled worker live and work permanently in Australia from Dubai?

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Some so many people are always keen to get a good opportunity regarding their work. Many of them might be working in great cities like Dubai but still want to settle in the country where they can earn and live permanently. So many people consider moving to Australia as it is one of the most popular destinations for skilled migrants. Most architects, internal auditors, physicians, and social workers like to work in Australia and settle here. The person can easily apply for the Australian Skilled Independent Visa if all the formalities are undertaken well.

Here is the set procedure for visa application. Let’s have a look at them.

  • The person must be on the skill shortage list: The Australian government is sanctioning some of the skills occupational list under different occupations. If the person matches any of the skill set according to the government, the person can easily apply for a visa on that ground of the Skilled Migrant Category.
  • Enough assessment points: There are different sets of points that are calculated on different criteria. It can be based upon work experience, age, English speaking ability, and even trade. The person can easily gain some points if he/ she has already worked or studied in Australia. Even the points can be added if any close relative of the person is living in Australia. People who get the sponsorship can also get visas easily.
  • Skill assessment: According to the work experiences and the education qualification, the person needs to undergo a skill assessment. The person needs to get positive feedback in this assessment unless the visa application cannot move further to different steps.

Once the person is qualified for immigration, there is a need to log your expression of interest. This will place you in the pool of qualified applicants who can be invited for the visa application procedure. This overall process can take up to 4 to 18 months to get accepted by authorities.

There are three types of skilled migration visas provided to the skilled workers, which are stated below:

  • Sponsored Visa 489: This is a temporary visa for 4 years that will require you to work and live in the regions like Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, and some Non-metropolitan areas of Western Australia. Once you complete your work tenure here, then you can apply for a permanent residence visa for Australia.
  • Australian skilled Independent Visa 189: This is the kind of visa that is not sponsored by any person or organization. On this visa, the person is allowed to work and live in Australia permanently. Even the visa application of the family can be included.
  • Australian skilled Independent Visa 190: This is the kind of visa where the territory or state nominates the applicant. There are certain rules that the person needs to follow and work there for at least two years. After that, the person can apply for permanent residence in Australia.

It is not very difficult to Migrate to Australia from Dubai if the person follows the right procedure.

January 3rd, 2022

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