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Benefits of migrating to Canada from Qatar

Saturday, May 14th, 2022

Are you looking for better opportunities in your career? Do you feel that Canada can offer you a better life than you live in Qatar? Then all you need to do is to consult with the right migration service provider and get your things ready. There are a lot of benefits of migrating from Qatar to Canada. Let’s have a look at some of them before you apply for Canada visit visa from Qatar:

Why is it a good idea to migrate from Qatar to Canada?

Here is a list of reasons that prove your decision to migrate to Canada from Qatar the best idea:

  1. Job prospects are excellent.

Canada provides a lot of career opportunities for competent employees. As a result, it has become a popular destination for talented people looking to relocate to Canada.

  1. The right to work and reside in Canada

You will have the legal right to live in Canada and enjoy the privileges of a Canadian citizen once your PR visa is active.

  1. Business Independence

You may become a company entrepreneur and invest in the Canadian economy with a Canadian PR.

  1. Five-year validity

The validity duration of a Canadian PR visa is five years. Your PR visa can also be renewed or extended.

  1. Nationality

If you stay in Canada for three years out of the five years that your visa is valid, you are arcanely for citizenship.

  1. Healthcare for All

All permanent residents of Canada are entitled to universal healthcare. It pays for medical treatment and prescription medications.

  1. Education is free.

Students who are permanent residents are entitled to free education up to Grade 12.

  1. Social Advantages

A permanent resident of Canada also has access to the finest social advantages, such as tax breaks, retirement pensions, and subsidized housing.

  1. Traveling freedom

Once you have been granted permanent residency, you have complete freedom to travel and use your PR card as a travel document or visiting visa.

How can you migrate easily from Qatar to Canada?

Some factors that determine your ability to relocate to Canada from Qatar are as follows:

Age in Canada

  • If you’re applying for the Express Entry system’s distinctive Federal Skilled Worker Class, you’ll gain more points if you’re between the ages of 20 and 29.
  • An applicant over the age of 65 can also apply for a Business Immigration Program.
  • Likewise, Family Class Immigration permits individuals under the age of 18 to apply.

Educational background

To be eligible for immigration programs, candidates must have at least a high school diploma or a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Language abilities

The official languages of Canada are English and French. The candidate must have an IELTS CLB 7 score, a CELPIP 5 score for English, and a TEF 151 score for French.

Professional experience

To be eligible for permanent residence status, an applicant must have worked full-time for at least one year.


The capacity of a candidate to adapt to the country might also help them gain favour. They gain bonus points if they have a Canadian spouse or blood relative with a good IELTS score.


Keep all these things in mind, and you will be able to enjoy migrating from Qatar to Canada in the best manner.

Migrate To Canada from Qatar- Here Are the Benefits You Will Reap

Friday, May 21st, 2021

Canada has always been a go-to target for immigrants for a lot of reasons. Starting from its education sector and the employment opportunities it has on offer to the cost of living and the interesting culture here, almost everything about Canada entices foreigners. One thing that you need to note here is that people living in Qatar have their own special reasons to move to Canada. Let’s discuss some of them here-

  • The job opportunities in Canada are varied and lucrative. The country has got an amazing platform to offer to skilled workers. So, Canada has always remained an attractive immigration spot for Qatar dwellers.
  • Once you get your PR visa for Canada, you will legally live in this country. Besides, you will be entitled to all the benefits that a Canadian citizen enjoys. Once you reach here, you’ll be able to look for a job in your area of interest and then work without hassles.
  • The validity of your PR visa is going to expire after a period of five years from the date of its issuance. And five years is a lot of time for students as well as working professionals to achieve certain mid-term and short-term goals. The best part is that you can get your PR visa extended or renewed to continue living in Canada.
  • A person who has a PR visa can also apply for permanent Canadian citizenship. But for that, you must have lived for three out of the five years your PR visa has been approved.
  • No matter which country you migrate to, you will want the healthcare system there to support you. Thankfully, the Canadian government provides universal healthcare to all PR visa holders. So, regardless of whether you want proper medical care or the expenses for your prescription drugs met, Canada covers it all for you. This is especially beneficial for students who don’t earn. Availing medical care would just be impossible for them without such government aid.
  • If you’re a permanent resident of Canada, then receiving an education here is going to be super pocket-friendly for you. Meaning, all Canadian PR residents are entitled to free education up to grade 12.
  • You also get a lot of other benefits when you migrate to Canada from Qatar. For instance, you are eligible for tax rebates as well as a pension post-retirement. You can also get a housing facility at a subsidized rate.
  • If you need to travel, you can use your PR card as a travel document so you can travel without hindrances.
  • Another extremely important benefit is that Canada is a liberal country. The rules and laws here are not as strict as in Qatar. So, if you want to experience better freedom, an unrestrained life, and a lot of fun, then Canada is the place for you.

If you are thinking of immigrating to Canada, then do hire a competent Canada immigration Qatar consultancy firm. They will help Fastrack the immigration process for you and will help you thoroughly throughout your Immigration journey.

Migrate to Canada from Qatar in 2021

Wednesday, April 28th, 2021

In the last decade, hundreds and thousands of people have migrated to Canada. This is because Canada has bright prospects in terms of education, career, and overall life. One country that has seen a significant number of people moving to Canada is Qatar. In this blog, we let you know how to migrate to Canada from Qatar and the reasons for doing so.

Benefits of Migrating to Canada from Qatar

  1. Good Job opportunities

Canada provides excellent job offers for skilled labourers. Hence, skilled workers find Canada an ideal place to immigrate to.

  1. Right to live and work in Canada

You get a legal right to live in Canada and enjoy all the benefits that a citizen of Canada receives once the PR visa is valid.

  1. Can do Business freely

With a Canadian PR, you can become a business entrepreneur and invest in the economy of the country.

  1. Valid for 5 years

A Canadian PR visa is valid for 5 years and can be renewed or extended.

  1. Citizenship

 You become eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship if you are staying in Canada for three years out of the five years of validity.

  1. Universal Healthcare

All permanent residents of Canada get universal healthcare and facilities from the government of Canada. It includes the medical care cost and prescription drugs

  1. Free Education

All the students who hold permanent residency get free education up to Grade 12.

  1. Social Benefits

A permanent resident of Canada is liable to get social benefits such as rebates on tax, retirement pension, and subsidized housing facilities.

  1. Freedom to Travel

A permanent resident can travel freely and use their PR card as a travel document or as a visitor visa.

What are the Minimum Eligibility Requirements to migrate to Canada from Qatar?


Canada does not have any particular age limit on immigration.

Educational qualification

 To become eligible for immigration programs, every candidate must have a minimum senior-secondary education level or bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Language skills

The two primary languages of Canada are English and French. The applicant must have at least a score of CLB 7 for IELTS, a score of 5 CELPIP for English, and a TEF score of 151 in French.

Work experience

A candidate must have at least one year of full-time work experience to become eligible to become a permanent resident of Canada.


A candidate’s ability to adjust to the country can also go in their favour. They get points if they have a spouse with a valid IELTS score or a blood relative in Canada.

Documents Needed

We list below the Basic documents required to immigrate to Canada from Qatar in 2021


Birth certificate

Results from IELTS or TEF

Medical Certificate


Police clearance document

ECA (Educational Credential Assessment)

You must keep in mind that IELTS is required for Candidates Migrating from Qatar. Moreover, every citizen of Qatar applying to migrate to Canada from Qatar must prove their language proficiency skills in English and French.

So here we see the steps required for Canada immigration Qatar and how to obtain a Canada visa from Qatar.

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