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How can an immigration consultant help me?

Friday, March 3rd, 2023

The best immigration consultants in Dubai for New Zealand can assist with the immigration process in various ways. Here are some of the ways they can help:

1) Understanding eligibility criteria: Based on New Zealand’s immigration laws, a consultant can assist in determining if you are qualified to submit a visa application. They can help you choose which visa type is suitable for your particular circumstances.

2) Preparation of documents: The production of all relevant documents, including the passport, job history, qualifications, etc., that are needed to apply for a visa with the help of consultants is possible. They can also help with acquiring any further paperwork that might be needed, including police certifications or health checks.

3) Navigating the application process: For those who are new to it, New Zealand’s immigration process might be difficult to understand. You can be guided through the procedure by a consultant, who will make sure that your application is accurate and complies with all regulations.

4) Advising on processing times: Consultants can provide advice on the anticipated processing time for your visa application because they have a thorough awareness of visa processing times.

5) Representation in case of visa refusal: If your visa application is rejected, a consultant can advocate for you in an appeal or advise you on what to do next.

6) Ongoing support: Once your visa has been granted, a consultant can offer continuing assistance to make sure you are adhering to the terms of your visa. They can also offer advice on applying for permanent residency or renewing your visa.

7) Cost-effectiveness: Employing a consultant can help you navigate the immigration procedure more easily and cost-effectively. They can assist you in avoiding costly errors that could slow down the procedure or lead to a visa denial.

8) Expert knowledge: The laws, procedures, and policies governing immigration in New Zealand are thoroughly understood by consultants. Based on your unique situation, they can offer professional advice on the best course of action to pursue.

Generally speaking, persons looking to immigrate to New Zealand may find consultants to be a useful resource. They may offer professional guidance, make the procedure simpler, and make sure that your application is processed quickly and successfully.

Benefits of working with a consultant for New Zealand immigration:

1) Streamlined process: You can expeditiously and effectively complete the immigration process with the aid of an expert. They can spot potential obstacles and assist you in avoiding them, thanks to their expertise and experience.

2) Increased chances of success: By making sure that your application is thorough and complies with all regulations, a consultant can assist in boosting your chances of success. They can also offer advice on what data and documentation are required, as well as how to display it effectively.

3) Reduced stress: The immigration procedure can be challenging and confusing to navigate. By managing the procedure on your behalf and responding to your inquiries, a consultant can provide you with peace of mind.

4) Faster processing times: Consultants can speed up the application process because they are knowledgeable about the immigration procedure. They can also provide you with regular updates on the progress of your application and give you suggestions for how to expedite things.

5) Access to resources: The immigration industry offers a wealth of contacts and tools to consultants. They can put you in touch with immigration attorneys, staffing firms, and other specialists who can help you with your immigration process.


 If you are planning to immigrate to New Zealand, consider hiring a certified New Zealand immigration consultant in Dubai to help with the process. With their expertise and experience, they can help you achieve your goal of living and working in New Zealand faster and with less stress.

What Is The Estimated Cost Of Moving To New Zealand?

Sunday, November 6th, 2022

Migration to a new nation is costly, and there are several stages and documentation that must be completed. The cost to Migrate to New Zealand from Dubai is determined by your plans for New Zealand and the kind of visa required. The cost will also be determined by the private life and level of living that you will keep. The cost also rises with the amount of time it takes to locate work and obtain a visa.

  • Fees for visa applications: The visa application cost is paid to the government. You would be required to pay visa costs when you submit your visa application for immigration to New Zealand. There are numerous sorts of visas and the cost and fees vary depending on the type of visa for which you are requesting. Work visas, partner visas, resident visas, student visas, and visiting visas are the most common types of visas. The most expensive visa is the resident visa which is about 3000 NZD, while all other forms of visas lie between the range of 182 to 500 New Zealand dollars. 
  • Fee for qualification evaluation: If you plan to relocate to New Zealand, you will be subjected to a qualification evaluation. The New Zealand qualifications authority would conduct a qualification assessment on you. Using this exam, they want to see whether your educational and professional qualifications and other life skills meet the general standard of the New Zealand community. There are two sorts of evaluations available: pre-assessment, which is less expensive, and full-assessment, which is more expensive.
  • Fees for professional registration: Before entering New Zealand, you need to have your occupation registered, which requires professional registration for which a fee is charged. You must apply for this professional registration with the professional board responsible for your profession. Your immigration advisors can help you make the best selection and understand your options in various professions.
  • The price of certified copies: You must submit all proof and papers in a certain format. You would need some papers that must be original copies, while others must be certified. For it to be recognized by New Zealand authorities, specific advice and structure must be followed. The cost of certified copies would vary based on the amount and number of copies ordered.
  • The expense of translation: People who do not have their original documents written in English must face an extra translation expense. They must employ a professional translator who will translate all documents into English which will then be presented to the authorities. This translation may come for 50 to 500 NZD based on the work needed.
  • Medical clearance and the police force cost: You must receive police clearance certifications. Depending on your nation of citizenship and residency, this certification might cost anything from 0 to 50 NZD. Medical reports, X-ray certifications, and other medical fitness tests must be obtained. These medical costs are substantial. The cost of such medical clearance certificates varies depending on the country and the time of inspection.


Planning ahead of time will save you money and worries. You must plan ahead of time and have a budget in place. It is critical to prevent any unneeded delays that could deplete your finances. There is a lot that can be done before you arrive. Keeping all the aforementioned topics in mind will ease your hustle-free New Zealand visa cost from Dubai.

Things to know while applying for a New Zealand visa from Dubai

Thursday, July 7th, 2022

The citizens of the United Arab Emirates need not apply for a New Zealand visa if they are visiting the country for vacation purposes. For UAE citizens to visit New Zealand for 3 months or less. If they want to stay there for a long time, the citizen needs to apply for a proper visa application. It will be better to take the help of the immigration consultants that deals with New Zealand visa from Dubai. The consultants play a very important role in making the whole process of visa application quite smooth.

Here is the list of documents required to apply for a New Zealand visa. Let’s have a look at them.

• Passport: The most important thing required for the visa application is to submit Passport. The person needs to make sure that the passport is valid for at least three months from the departure date from New Zealand.
• Digital photograph: All the visa processing is done online, so there is a requirement for a digital photo that needs to be attached to the visa application.
• Means of payment: Very important step for getting the visa done is to pay for the application process. The platform provides different modes of payment like debit cards, credit cards, paypal, etc. You can use the one according to your convenience.
• Email address: The visa will be sent on the email that is registered on the application form. While you are traveling to New Zealand don’t forget to get some printed copies of the visa application.
• Evidence of income: Every important thing that every candidate needs to produce with the vis application is evidence of finances. You must have enough of the financial finds that can back your entire trip to New Zealand.
• Return flight tickets: Might be there chances that upon your arrival at New Zealand airport you are asked to produce return flight tickets. Better to get them in advance, so that there is no problem in between.

If the person has every document that is required to file for the New Zealand visa. There are only three main steps to be followed to get the visa. Let’s have a look at them.
• First, fill up the application form with all your details and select the processing time. Better be wiser to choose the processing time as the cost depends upon this decision.
• Before the final payment, just revise your visa application properly. So that there is no scope of any error whatsoever. Even a small error can result in the rejection of the visa application.
• Upload all the necessary documents along with the visa application. This will make your case very strong and the embassy can go through it properly.

If the authorities accept the visa application, then you will get your visa at the email address given in the application form. If you don’t want any sort of problem in between the process, better take the help of the best immigration consultants and know about New Zealand immigration fees from Dubai.

Immigration NEW ZEALAND Officially Announces The Reopening Of Borders From July 2022!

Sunday, June 19th, 2022

Move to a new place, and you’ll have new experiences.” Settling abroad for greener pastures is a dream that many nurture. However, only a few takes concrete steps toward achieving that goal. NEW ZEALAND Skilled Immigration services are inviting applicants to move to NEW ZEALAND to create a bright future in that beautiful country. People who are trained and experienced have been invited to send in their applications to become a part of the growth-oriented NEW ZEALAND community. A person who is interested in immigrating to NEW ZEALAND is required to express his intent of interest by providing some details:

  • Age: the age of the person should not be more than 55 years. Anyone who is beyond the 55-year curb is not eligible to apply under this category. Documentary proof will have to be attached for this.
  • Having a work permit in NEW ZEALAND: In case a person is already employed in NEW ZEALAND under the skilled category, he can submit the evidence and avail of the skilled category visa easily.
  • Residency Invitation: In case a person has been given an offer to apply for residence, he is expected to submit evidence for the same. This will include a comprehensive explanation of your job, working hours, duration of the work, your earnings, and the time when the person started working.
  • Having a qualification that is recognized by the government: In case a person has the required qualification, he is eligible to apply under the category of this visa. He may request the NEW ZEALAND Qualifications Authority to assess his educational aptitude.

All these requirements are checked, and grading is done to assess the eligibility under this category. Clearing these conditions means that the person can initiate the process of immigration to NEW ZEALAND. Although the processing takes time, from a couple of weeks to months, the applicants can take assistance from personal advisors for paperwork and filing, etc.

Additional regulations are applicable for the partner also, in case the visa is applied under the skilled category immigration. Mostly the applicants have to submit similar documents related to the partner also. NEW ZEALAND has opened its doors to trained people. It needs experts and professionals and is inviting them to fill in vocations in construction, engineering, trades, health, the computer technology sector, etc. These occupations are included in the newly introduced ‘Green List’ of occupations which serves as a guide for employers to appoint and recruit people with specific skills and talents.

The government of NEW ZEALAND has plans to attract the best talent for the development and advancement of their various economic sectors. There are provisions for absorbing not just the applicants but their partners also. Undoubtedly, it opens new avenues for all aspirants who wish to take the first step and join the large number of successful candidates who want to go on the NEW ZEALAND Skilled Immigration Visa. It is a major step to source global talents for NEW ZEALAND, and you must not let go of this opportunity if you desire to make it big in NZ.

Things You Need to Know About New Zealand Working Holiday

Friday, June 10th, 2022

For many people, New Zealand is their dream destination as it is stunning, safe, and has a rich culture. New Zealand is a place that comes on the expensive side, so there is a requirement for the person to have sufficient savings to carry out their tourism over there. Some people might wish to work there on a holiday visa. According to government regulations, a person on a holiday visa cannot get a permanent job. So, they can look for a temporary work visa for New Zealand requirements and apply accordingly.

There is certain eligibility for the New Zealand working holiday visa. Let’s have a look at them.

  • The main criteria are that the person must be young, i.e., between 18 to 30 years of age.
  • The person might have some adequate funds so that they can take up their return ticket depending upon their nationality and also support the lifestyle in New Zealand.
  • The person needs to demonstrate that their primary purpose is to explore the country and the secondary purpose is to work.

A country like New Zealand has some restricted quotas for such categories. So better to apply for this as soon as possible. This will increase the chances of getting an application visa on time.

Certain things you need to know after getting New Zealand working Holiday Visa. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Just decide which season to work in New Zealand: If sightseeing is your priority while traveling to the country, so it will be to come in the summer, which is (Summer- February) as it is the busiest month, and the weather is quite great here. You will not only enjoy work but also enjoys the places that you see over here. Even you will easily find different seasonal jobs at this point.
  • Do determine the work you can do: People who are on a working holiday visa are likely to get jobs in bars, kitchens, cafes, fruit picking, etc. So better be clear about it in advance so that there is no scope of confusion afterward.
  • Consider your housing options: The person needs to figure out where he or she will stay in New Zealand when they are on their travel. The person can either look for an apartment or hire a van as your housing option. It is essential to be clear about the place where the person wants to live in New Zealand.

All these are the factors that the person must consider if they want their travel to New Zealand to be smooth enough. If you have certain doubts about the requirements for temporary work visa in New Zealand, just take help if the best immigration consultants, i.e., Gazette Immigration. The team of experts here has enough knowledge and experience to help them make the best decisions regarding the application for a Visa. You can consult the team and discuss all the doubts related to it.

Get the New Zealand visa in the easiest process

Thursday, March 24th, 2022

When it comes to choosing a country, whether to live or stay, New Zealand is considered the best country of all. There is no doubt that New Zealand holds amazing opportunities for those students who wish to pursue their higher studies. It is well known for its top universities and welcoming culture for international students. Also, the students don’t have to go through the tough documentation and visa process.

If you also wish to stay in New Zealand and trying to apply for a visa, seeking help from the immigration consultants always helps. They will also help you with the visitor visa in New Zealand. There are many online immigration consultants through whom you can apply online easily without any hassle. It can be done with minimal documentation, and your consultants will be by your side from start to end. Make sure to check your eligibility before applying for the New Zealand visa. Also, once you get your ETA (Electronic Travel Authority), you will be permitted to enter New Zealand multiple times. Know that ETA is valid for two years.

To know the process of visa application in New Zealand, follow the following points:

  • Apply for a college or university- To know about the colleges and universities; you must visit the official website of the shortlisted colleges. Also, keep the mind the courses or diplomas or degrees you are interested in. Then apply for the ones to get admission. For a study visa, you will be asked to submit the documents and then fill out the application process.
  • Arranging medical certificate and police clearance certificate (PCC) – Once you get the application letter from the educational institute, you have to get a medical certificate, and the New Zealand Immigration Department must approve the doctor. After this, you have to apply for the Police clearance certificate from the office of the deputy commissioner of Police or from the regional passport office of your area.
  • Visa application- Now, you have to apply for the visa along with all the necessary documents. Some main documents are a current passport with a validity of at least 6 months upon arrival, a credit/debit card or PayPal account, and arrival and departure dates.
  • Paying the tuition fees- After you are done with your visa application, you will receive an Approval in Principle (AIP) from the Immigration New Zealand website. Now here, the time comes to pay the tuition fees for the first year at the respective college and university.
  • Wait for the visa- After all these formalities; you have to wait for the final decision. You will get a callback or an email from the officials. Once your application gets approved, you will soon get your New Zealand visa.

So above is the simple process of getting a New Zealand visa. Just make sure to comply with the requirements for visitor visa in New Zealand or any other type of visa. You can contact Gazette Immigration Consultants as they will help you with everything from the start till the end.

New Zealand PR: Live Your Life

Monday, January 24th, 2022

New Zealand offers a unique opportunity for people to build a life for themselves and their families. The island nation has a small population and a strong economy and is known for its beautiful landscapes and outdoor lifestyle. New Zealand offers a variety of paths to residency and is a great place to call home.

For those who want to experience this for themselves, New Zealand offers a range of visas for those who want to live, work, and study in the country. The biggest of these is New Zealand PR, also known as a “New Zealand permanent residency”. This allows those who meet certain requirements to obtain permanent residency in New Zealand. It comes with several benefits, including access to social security, welfare, health care, and the right to own property and vote. Thus, below are some of the benefits of getting New Zealand PR.

  • Avail medical facilities at subsidized rates– New Zealand provides some of the best medical care in the world, and for those who want to use it, there are some very good medical facilities in New Zealand. However, New Zealand also makes these medical services available to all at subsidized rates for those who don’t have the money to use the best medical facilities. Thus, New Zealand PR holders are entitled to free medical services at public hospitals, including subsidized rates for specialist appointments.
  • Live, work, travel, and study in New Zealand– New Zealand offers a great opportunity for those who want to build a life and live a fulfilling life. The beautiful landscapes, beautiful people, great food, and amazing culture are a few reasons why people from all over the world are making New Zealand their home. With New Zealand PR, you can live in New Zealand to study or work for six months or one year. The length of stay depends on the visa. However, you can live in New Zealand for as long as you want.
  • Apply for New Zealand citizenship after a few years– New Zealand PR is a great start to building a life in New Zealand. However, if you want to be able to vote, own property, and have social security, you will have to apply for New Zealand citizenship after a few years. The process of applying for citizenship is a bit complicated, but once you are a citizen, you can do everything that a New Zealand citizen can do.
  • Travel to and from New Zealand any time you like– New Zealand offers some of the most relaxed and easy to access immigration policies in the world. Thus, if you want to travel to other countries, you can do so without any restrictions or limitations. New Zealand PR holders are also entitled to travel to and from New Zealand as they please. They can travel to other countries on a business visa, which does not require them to have a PR.

New Zealand offers a unique opportunity for people to build a life for themselves and their families. The island nation has a small population and a strong economy and is known for its beautiful landscapes and outdoor lifestyle. New Zealand offers a variety of paths to residency and is a great place to call home. For those who want to experience this for themselves, New Zealand Permanent Residency is the way to go.

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