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The Best Ways to Gain PR in Canada

Thursday, December 16th, 2021

Canadian PR (Permanent Residency) is the most highly sought-after visa category by skilled professionals for staying and working in Canada. It is a 5-year multiple entry visa that offers skilled workers from foreign countries a chance to work and settle in the country.

After 3 years of staying and working using the PR card, the best part is that you can change the Canadian PR status to Canadian citizenship.

Benefits of PR

The top advantages of gaining a Canadian PR are:

  • 5-year visa for Multiple Entry
  • ‘Family status’ enables both applicant and spouse to work in the country on a full-time basis.
  • Free social, health, and educational provisions for the complete family.
  • Eligibility to invite parents after settlement
  • Gain access to the USA

Minimum eligibility needs

The minimum needs to gain Permanent Residence in Canada are:

  • Gain at least 67 points in the immigration point system
  • Your occupation must figure in the ‘demand list’ of Canada
  • You must score well in the IELTS exam
  • You must maintain adequate funds in your account
  • You should furnish relevant documents for education, employment, language proficiency etc.

Documents required for PR

One must furnish the following documents depending on the attributes for claiming points as well as other relevant ones:

  • Transcripts of education
  • Experience letters for employment
  • Qualifying report by WES (World Education Services)
  • Scorecard of IELTS
  • Valid passport
  • Proof of identity
  • Clearance certificate from police and medical checks

Gaining PR from outside Canada

There are three simple steps:

  • Check your eligibility points followed by an educational evaluation by WES or other relevant bodies.
  • Apply online via through electronic portal called Express Entry and get chosen on the basis of your ranking.
  • Get an Invitation to Apply. Make the final application beside relevant fees and documents.

Point system

One must score 67 points from 100 to meet the needs of PR. In case one is accompanied by a spouse, her or his points will also be counted. The point-based system is as follows:

  • Age: 12 points
  • Work experience: maximum of 15 points
  • Education: maximum of 25 points
  • Skills in language: maximum of 28 points
  • Arranged employment: maximum of 10 points
  • Adaptability: maximum of 10 points

Basic needs for PR

  • Proof that one has sufficient funds for supporting stay in the country.
  • ECA or Educational Credential Assessment
  • Official translation and copies of documents supporting application for the visa
  • Educational certificates and degrees.
  • Test results of the assessment of skills
  • Results of language tests.

Step by step process of applying for PR

  • Complete ECA
  • Get needed IELTS score
  • Make a profile for Express Entry and lodge application in an online pool
  • Registration with job bank (optional)
  • Application for Provincial Nomination Program (optional)
  • Gain ITA (Invitation to Apply).
  • A mandatory criminal and medical background check by CIC (Canada Immigration and Citizenship).
  • Gain a confirmation of status as PR.
  • Lastly, submit a passport for visa stamping

The PR Card  

A PR card is typically issued for 5 years but sometimes can be issued only for 1 year. It is valid till the date of expiry mentioned on the card. The Canadian authorities send PR visas only to addresses inside the country. Sometimes, one may have to pick up the PR card in person from the stipulated government offices of Canada.

In sum, these are all major aspects of gaining a PR visa to live and work in Canada.

Seven easy steps to applying for the permanent residency (citizenship) of Canada

Friday, December 10th, 2021

Not only is it viewed with the purpose of a better lifestyle, but Canadian immigration is also one of the best prospects for those who wish to boost their career. Having a career-oriented approach is no fault and searching for better worth is the right of your caliber. The PR process as per Canadian immigration has recently been given a few liberations in the original strict standards. The new flexible open applicant-friendly procedure is easy to understand and apply in comparison to other countries across the globe. The best public services at reasonably cheap prices make the lifestyle even more lavish. The Canadian government invests in human resources, and thus the basic facilities like education and health care, etc. are cheap and best.

This article has stressed on permanent residence visa for Canada process EXPLAINED in 6 Easy Steps! These outlines give you a piece of complete knowledge and insight into the included details in the application form for the same.

  1. Linguistic ability clearance: The first and foremost need for applying the Canada PR process is to verify your linguistic ability. You need to be an affluent English language vocalist, and you are required to pass the French language test along with the same. This may enhance your listing, and chances to clarify the legal formalities are better. Clearance of the IELTS test is a mandatory requirement for the purpose. This involves the steps from making an appointment to a waiting period (that can extend to three months) and then the final result after the completion of the test.
  2. Assessment of credentials as per educational degrees: For applying with respect to the Canadian PR procedure, the complete ECA of your educational degrees (in case they belong to any other nation except Canada) adds 150 points to your score list. This glorifies your chances to clear the procedure without fail.
  3. Profile making: The next important step in the process is making a valid profile with the Express entry digitalized site. This helps to enter the waiting list of the candidates applying for the purpose. One can also hire an agent for the same.
  4. Awaiting ROIs: Subject to 21-28 days, the respective immigration office makes a draw termed as the round of invites, under which the lowest cut score as per the government of Canada is announced. Then the profiles as per point 3 are shortlisted and invited to apply for PR. It should be noted that each draw may have a new score reference.
  5. Submission of docs after ITA is received: Within 3 months (approximately) of receiving the invite, the validation documents of the qualifications and experience need to be submitted. This may include the passport copy (color), a photograph (digitalized), validation of funds as well as job details of the person applying, health check-up and report of the same, the qualification proofs as well as a judicial clearance validation.
  6. Payment of official PR fees for the procedure: Then, once the fee of 1050 Canadian dollars is paid, the waiting period of the verification process by the immigration office begins. Once the same is done and documents are verified, you are informed (via mail) about the outcome of the procedure.

Accomplished proceedings: Once everything goes well and the final outcome is positive, the applicant submits the passport for visa clearance and stamps. The final call is the confirmation of the PR application.

All you need to know about Canada PR Visa

Wednesday, November 24th, 2021

Many people desire to settle their lives in foreign countries to be complexly involved in the settlement process, making it a difficult job. Few countries are not ready to accept a large number of people who are planning to settle in their country, so they put hundreds of restrictions in front of the people who want to settle in their country.

However, this is not the situation in every country. Many countries like Canada welcome the people who want to settle in their country and flourish. Studies have shown that each year there are more than 1 lakh people who want to settle in Canada. The Canadian government has put forward a plan through which they are ready to allow 2 lakh people each year in their country.

If you are wondering, How to get a permanent residence visa Canada? then this post will help you to figure out your answer.

Why do people want to shift to Canada?

Canada is covered with lakes green trees that make it more beautiful and admirable for the nature lover. Canada has a large number of lakes, and it can even be stated that if you combine the number of lakes present in each country of the world, then you will see that this is less than the number of lakes Canada has.

Apart from natural beauty, the Canadian government is responsible enough to take care of its citizen. The government in Canada has arranged a few programs for spreading health awareness.

Who is the Permanent Resident of Canada?

A person who is allowed to settle in Canada even if he is not a citizen of Canada is known as a Permanent Resident of Canada. Canada PR benefits a person with all the rights that the citizen of Canada can enjoy.

What is the various immigration PR program in Canada?

  1. Skilled Immigration PROGRAM
  2. Federal Skilled Worker
  3. Canadian Experience Class
  4. Start-up visa
  5. Provincial Nominee Program

How to be a permanent resident of Canada?

If you are willing to settle your future in Canada, then you can apply for being a permanent resident through the plans for immigration like Federal Skilled Worker, QSWP, and many more. Each of the plans has its own set of rules. You will achieve the resident card of Canada based on the points that you have scored depending upon the secretary of your profile, like age, skills in language, education, and many more.

What documents are necessary for applying for various PR visas?

  1. International English Language Testing System (ILETS) -for providing d test result off language.
  2. Education Credential Assessment (ECA) – only if you apply for the visa through the federal skilled worker’s problem.
  3. You need to show proof of having enough funds to support your initial application for immigrating to Canada
  4. You need to show certificates of education like diploma degrees, certificates of sponsorship
  5. You have to show any document as age proof.
  6. You need to show your passport
  7. You need to show certificates that show you are medical clearance.


If you desire to live a bright future by settling in, then you can successfully apply for ping a permanent resident of Canada.

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