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What Are Top Benefits Of Permanent Residence in Canada?

Tuesday, December 14th, 2021

In case you intend to apply for immigration to Canada, the first step is to gain a PR (Permanent Residency). As a PR, you will gain several benefits in Canada.

What is a PR?

PR is a kind of immigration status in Canada. For becoming a PR, a candidate must undergo a program for immigration. The most popular pathway for immigration for Permanent Residents is via economic immigration that includes the Express Entry System.

Canada is often referred to as a paradise for immigrants. Its welcoming atmosphere, strong economy, high-quality lifestyle, and easy process of immigration have made it popular as a destination for immigrants. Several immigrants work, settle, and live in Canada by gaining PR status, which throws open many attractive benefits.


Following are some benefits of PR in Canada:

  • Right to work and live

Canada has often been counted as one among the top 10 countries where one can work and live. It is one of the top destinations for enjoying cultural freedom, overall sustainability, economic opportunities, and high quality of life.

After gaining PR, one has the right to move to any province or territory in Canada. You need not be limited to the same job, employer, or province.

  • Extension or renewal of visa

Most cards for Canadian PR have a validity of 5 years though some may be issued for only one year. Additionally, there is no prescribed limit as regards the renewal of the PR visa. The immigration officer will count the history and purpose of your case to judge whether you have a valid reason to continue to stay in the country.

  • Bring along family

Even members of your family can study, work and live in Canada in case they also gain PR. But if you are above the age of 18, you can sponsor your family for PR.

  • Free education

Free public-school education is assured by the government of Canada for all children of Permanent Residents up to Grade 12. Education in Canada has 3 levels: Primary, Secondary, and Higher.

Additionally, tuition fees are exceedingly affordable and discounted for PR’s seeking university education.

  • Universal healthcare

Immigration to Canada assures PR visa holders access to universal healthcare offered by the government of Canada. Medical care is delivered free of charge for every PR visa holder in Canada. This even covers prescription drugs which are paid for via taxes. As a permanent resident, one can also apply for Public Health Insurance.

  • Social benefits

If Permanent Residents have accrued 40 credit points, they can enjoy several social security benefits. Such points are equal to a period of work of 10 years or 40 quarters. Canadian residents enjoy high-paying jobs and rebates in taxes that help them enjoy a high quality of life. Some other social benefits are disability benefits, pension payments, and benefits for surviving families of deceased workers.

  • Road to citizenship

After gaining a PR visa, one can live in the country for up to 5 years. In case one has physically lived in the country for 3 years out of 5, one becomes eligible for citizenship in Canada.

In sum, these are some of the reasons why a Permanent Residence visa in Canada is so attractive.

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