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A Guide on Portugal D7 visa

Friday, February 25th, 2022

If you wish to settle down in Portugal, it is very important for you to know about the D7 visa. Also known as a retirement visa or income passive visa, the D7 visa was introduced by the Portuguese government in 2007. If you are looking forward to it, know that it is not that easy to get. It is important for you to know everything about it, starting from its eligibility, documentation, time period, etc.

To seek Portugal D7 Visa, it is always advised to seek help from immigration consultants as they are aware of the procedure. Know that this visa will allow you and your family to legally settle in Portugal. This will also further help you to get citizenship. Once you can get it, it will be valid for two years, and after that, you have to get it renewed further for three years. After this, you will be eligible for Portugal residency.

So above are some of the points related to Portugal D7 visa:

  • Eligibility- Know that the Portugal D7 visa is eligible for non-EU nations, EEA, and Swiss citizens. Also, one must be able to meet the financial requirements. Also, people must be willing to live for at least 6 months in Portugal every year. Make sure to not have any kind of criminal record being displayed.
  • Income requirements- To get this, it is important to have financial stability. Your passive income must be able to support you, and the immigration authorities might ask you about your additional savings if any. For more clarity, passive income includes pension, real state, transferrable equity, royalties, intellectual property, earnings from long-term investments. It is much important for you to convince the authorities with your passive income
  • Documents requirements- Some of the important documents are the Portugal D7 application form, a letter to support your case, proof of income (bank statement, investment certificate, etc.), passport copy, and a few passport photos.
  • Application process- Know that the process will take nearly four to eight weeks for consulate application processing and six to twelve weeks for SEF residence permit.
  • Validity- The Portugal D7 residence permit is valid for two years. After two years, you can get it extended for three years. Now, after these three years, you can apply for Portugal permanent residency (PR). Also, after five years, you can apply for Portugal citizenship by naturalization.
  • Benefits of Portugal D7 visa- Some of the benefits of getting this visa are access to National Health Service care, visa-free travel, protection from Portuguese law and legal system, citizenship after 5 years, access to national education service, schools, and vocational training in Portuguese.

So above are some of the points one should know about Portugal’s D7 visa. To complete the D7 visa requirements, you can contact ‘Gazette Immigration Consultant’. They will provide you with professional help making sure to make your visa process go smooth. With all the documents ready and fulfilling the eligibility criteria, they will take care of everything.

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