Comprehensive Guide: Visa of New Zealand from UAE

New Zealand

One of the most beautiful countries in the world is New Zealand. Every year, New Zealand is a popular travel destination due in large part to the country’s magnificent beauty, and its beaches, mountains, and wilderness areas invite visitors to explore them. You will find a slower pace of life in some of New Zealand’s smallest settlements, which will both intrigue and soothe you.

However, getting a New Zealand visa from Dubai is a challenging and time-consuming process due to the country’s strict immigration policies. Travellers from the United Arab Emirates do not need a visa to enter New Zealand. However, visitors from the vast majority of other countries who are staying in Dubai will require a visa. Our team of specialists will guide you through each stage of the process, from submitting your papers to approving your visa and making it much simpler for you to clear a system that is both tough and meticulous.

The consultant’s team, which is currently on all visa criteria, keeps you informed of your application’s progress via frequent consultations. You will have a considerably easier time getting your New Zealand visa accepted with our help.

  • Visa Requirements for New Zealand

Visa for Permanent Residency in the United Arab Emirates (30 days validity)

An Original Passport Is Needed (minimum 6-month validity)

Notarized original NOC letter addressing New Zealand Consulate that includes job title, start date, pay, and reason for travel.

Partners, investors, and owners should provide:

  • A valid trade license copy.
  • A self-introduction letter detailing their monthly income.
  • Their passport information.

Three recently taken pictures on white (3.5*4.5 cm)

Bank statement over the last 6 months (with bank stamp)

To improve your chances of being granted a visa to New Zealand, you should have a letter of invitation from a New Zealand resident.

New Zealand business visa applicants must have an invitation letter.

Essential Visa Requirements for New Zealand

Consultants provide vacation packages that include accommodations, excursions, transportation, flights, and other attractions.

It would be best if you left your passport at the embassy so that they may stamp your visa.

The traveller must submit the original papers in person at the embassy.

Services and Visa Fees are not refundable in case of visa denial for New Zealand.

Confirmed At the airport, visitors visiting New Zealand must provide a hotel voucher and a copy of their return flight ticket.

  • Note:

The New Zealand Immigration and Checkpoints Authority will individually review the application and any accompanying materials.

To enter New Zealand, you need more than just a visa. In addition to a valid passport, visitors visiting New Zealand must also have proof of onward or return travel and sufficient finances to cover their whole intended stay.


New Zealand visa cost from Dubai is very affordable. Citizens of the United Arab Emirates often do not need a visa to visit New Zealand for tourism purposes. Since the United Arab Emirates is a visa-free country, UAE nationals do not need a New Zealand visa for stays of up to three months.

September 8th, 2022

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