Study VISA in New Zealand

Study VISA New Zealand – A hit dream!

Career planning has knocked the minds of every individual these days and the one thought that strikes for a secured future are international studies. To strive for pathways for a better tomorrow, New Zealand is an excellent choice for students. It has gained a massive response for providing effective education and is a hotspot now.

Not only is it a great educational hub for international students but also a wandering destination for travel enthusiasts. You get to hit two birds with a study Visa to New Zealand. Getting a New Zealand study Visa is easier with Gazette.

The country is known for its warm gesture that surrounds you with a safe and friendlier study environment. A magical combo of the locale and the ample opportunities in New Zealand provokes an energetic wave within.

Why study in New Zealand?

  • The strong educational pillars of this country carve the career of thousands of students enrolled from international spots.
  • A New Zealand university graduate is capable of generating 1.3 to 4$ million in his lifetime which is quite a good figure.
  • One can opt for professional, vocational, and academic studies in New Zealand institutions and universities at a lower cost than in comparative countries.
  • Students can make up for their lives themselves. They are allowed to work 20hrs./week outside the campus.
  • Almost all the universities of New Zealand are ranked among 80-100 top universities globally. Ultimately, provides great worth to your individual and professional value.


Requirements for New Zealand Study Visa

You need to fulfill few educational and documentation criteria which are listed as follows:

  • IELTS – It is a test to check the proficiency in the English language which is required for basic survival for the people migrating from international locations to study. The IELTS qualifying score band ranges from 50 to 60%.
  • Passport – Passport is a prime document required that verifies your citizenship of your country.
  • Visa Application form
  • Academic degree and diploma certificates to prove the successful accomplishment of the course or training.
  • An acceptance letter approved from New Zealand Qualifications Authority. The letter justifies the purpose of migrating to New Zealand and the details about the course.
  • Health Certificate – For the justification of your medical history.
  • Tuition Fee – New Zealand government keeps the track of your financial capability. Your pocket must be filled enough to pay all the dues and fees of universities despite your cost of living.


When to apply for a New Zealand study Visa from Dubai?

You’ll need to register for the study Visa in case your study duration extends from 3 months to 2 years (Valid with NZ ETA- an electronic Visa waiver)

The whole process for application for study Visa is online but you being Gazette Immigration’s client are totally reliable on us and we take care of all the dealings and setups for our dearest students. At GI, you can track the excellent records of successful applications and authorizations.

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