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Saudi Arabia has been one of the top choices for people when it comes to exploring lucrative career opportunities. If you are looking for education or employment in Saudi Arabia, Gazette Immigration is a one-stop-destination for your Visa needs.


Being one of the best immigration consultants in Saudi Arabia, we are well acquainted with the immigration process and visa guidelines. We can guide you accurately as your mentor and legal advisory. When applying for a visa for a new country, you need to make several preparations. Hence, we allow you to do that while taking responsibility for your immigration needs.

Our team helps the clients understand and follow the complex immigration mandates, know the documentation, fill the application, etc. You need professionals who can not only guide you but also work on your behalf. It is here where our excellent visa consultancy services come into the picture.


While choosing the consultancy services, you must not only focus on the location but also the authenticity of the consultants. If the consultants are legitimate, the location doesn’t matter much. One of the most important decisions of your life and career is who will assist you through the immigration process.

Most countries are very particular and strict about the immigration rules as well as policies. Even minor incorrect information can lead to delay in the visa application or get completely denied by the immigration authorities. In the worst case, you might have to face an immigration ban based on the error made in the application.

Therefore, you need a reliable visa consultant who can guide you at every step. The consultant must be experienced and expert in the immigration industry so that they can guide the applicant in right manner. We at Gazette Immigration offer premium visa consultancy services by choosing the right visa program for the client and helping them file a visa application accurately.


Gazette Immigration is one of the most sought-after immigration services in Saudi Arabia. We are a registered consultancy firm specializing in the visa and documentation process. We guide the visa applicants to apply for PR visa, Visit visa, Family-Sponsored Visa, Spouse category visa, etc. We offer reliable services at reasonable fees.

Our success track record is more than 95% in helping the clients get PR visa approval. Every year hundreds of applicants apply for a visa through Gazette Immigration and get approval for their visa in a minimum time frame. This makes us one of the popular immigration consultants in Riyadh.

Most countries offer a fast immigration system for allocating permanent residence visas to skilled and talented people from across the globe. The skilled PR visa is processed within 6-8 months. Several Gazette Immigration clients have got their visas in real quick time over the past few years, and now they are settled abroad and doing their dream job.


We offer the following key services to visa applicants:

  • Case study and analysis
  • Pre-assessment
  • Form filling
  • Documentation assistance
  • Letter drafting
  • Visa applications
  • IELTS coaching
  • Refusal case analysis and re-filing

Gazette Immigration is a registered consultancy company that follows ethical immigration practices and offers authentic services to its clients. We have a transparent process, and there are no hidden charges or fees for our services. Everything is mentioned beforehand, and it is very reasonable and competitive.


If you have made up your mind to explore career opportunities in Saudi Arabia, it is time to apply for a visa. If you wish to apply for a permanent residency visa, get in touch with us to receive exclusive services and assistance from certified and professional consultants with years of experience in the field.

Our team consists of experts that will make your visa journey as smooth as possible. You can get in touch with our experts and get an analysis of your eligibility status for immigration to Saudi Arabia. After that, your immigration file will be prepared, choosing the most suitable immigration program.

Moving to a new country is a dream cherished by many individuals but realizing the dream is full of challenges. There are a lot of rules and regulations along with cumbersome paperwork. If you decide to do it all alone, you will face challenges and might get stuck at any step. And not to forget, there is always a risk of error and rejection.

Hiring consultants ease the hassle. When you work with experts, they take all the stress, and you can calmly prepare for your new life that is waiting ahead. For more information, get in touch with our team today!

Saudi Arabia Immigration

  1. Permanent Resident Visas

    • Permanent residency visa proffers the right to any foreigner to live and work in Canada without any time boundary.
    • It also allows the individuals to live in Canada with their family and dependants and enjoy the various benefits offered by the government there.
    • The program which facilitates the process of permanent residency visa is the Immigration, refugees, and Citizenship Canada. (IRCC)
    • With the help of the visa, the benefits of the government like free education for children and women welfare funds can be procured by the individuals.

    Express Entry

    • Express entry involves the process of organizing the applications of the people who want to immigrate to Canada.
    • The process involves submitting your profile to the express entry pool.
    • If you are eligible then you would be given a rank.
    • On the basis of this rank, you would be invited to apply for permanent residency in Canada.

    Federal Skilled Worker Program

    • This is the most well-known immigration program in Canada.
    • With the aid of this program, the individuals are proffered their permanent residency visas on the basis of many factors like age education and foreign work experience.
    • The applications of the federal skilled worker program are further passed onto the express entry pool.

    Federal Trade Worker Program

    • The federal trade worker program helps individuals with special skills and talents to get a permanent residency visa in Canada.
    • The requirement of the program is that the individual should have completed at least two years of work experience in a skilled trade within five years from the date of application.
    • No education requirement is required for the federal skilled trade program. But it helps the applicants to have a better chance of success.

    Provincial Nominee Program

    • This program helps the provinces to nominate individuals who should be given the Immigration to Canada.
    • Each province and territory has its own guidelines which should be met by the applicants to acquire immigration.
    • The application process may be paper-based or digital depending upon the province and territory in which you are applying.
    • Passing a medical exam and undergoing a police check is necessary for all provinces and territories.

    The Atlantic Pilot Program

    • Under this program, the Atlantic employers can hire adroit professionals either from Canada or outside the boundaries of the place.
    • If the employee has the offer letter that meets the requirements, then he or she will be proffered with a permanent resident status In Canada.
    • This program is the result of the partnership of the government and the 4 Atlantic provinces.
    • Out of the three types of programs of the Atlantic Pilot, you can only apply through one program, though you may be eligible for more than one program.

    Temporary Work Permit

    • The temporary work permit is given to the employees who are hired by the employers due to the Labor shortage in the country.
    • Such employees must have a job offer from their respective employer and also a temporary work permit from Citizenship and Immigration Canada.
    • This permit is usually valid for a specific time period and for the specified job as well.
    • If you want your family or your dependents to accompany you to Canada, then they must also apply for the same.

    Spouse /de facto Partner Visa

    • This visa is valid for adults who are a permanent resident of Canada.
    • The people who want to sponsor their partners or dependent children can use this visa for the same.
    • This visa is meant for couples who have resided together for at least one year in the country.
    • There are two types of partner visas that you may procure according to your situation.

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