D2 Visa Portugal: A Detailed Guide

Portugal D2 visa application

This article will describe the criteria and application procedure for the D2 Visa Portugal – the so-called “immigrant entrepreneur” visa for non-EU persons intending to undertake investment activities in the country. The D2 is an incredibly sought-after European visa, but what’s the lure of this warm area on the Iberian Peninsula for international entrepreneurs?

When applying for a D2 visa to Portugal, what are the most important factors to consider?

To qualify for a D2 Visa from the Portuguese government, you must demonstrate that you plan to establish a permanent presence for your firm in Portugal, that your operation is financially viable, and that you have the resources to see it through. The D2 Visa is for small- to medium-sized firms broadly tied to social, scientific, technical, cultural, or economic domains. This has, however, been defined into a set of necessary needs. It includes:

  • Proving the Efficacy of a Business Concept

Here, it would help if you emphasized the uniqueness of your firm and its goal (which you may do by connecting it to one of the above businesses). There is no need to reinvent the wheel when there are already so many successful Portuguese companies to learn from.

  • Business Strategy

This has to be understandable, brief, and comprehensive. It’s crucial to lay down the fundamental procedures that will form the basis of your company.

  • Finances of Society

The government has not placed any explicit criteria on social capital for immigrant entrepreneurs, but this cannot be overlooked in the competitive atmosphere of getting clearance for your venture. Your goal should be to provide evidence of the social cohesion inside your company and the community in which you want to create it.

  • Reasons You Have Chosen Portugal

Tax advantages aside. To satisfy this need, you’ll need to provide evidence of the relevance of your proposed enterprise to the host nation. The primary criterion for social capital is closely tied to this. Still, it would be best if you also defined what it is about Portugal that is especially suited to your company – and how your firm is doing in Portugal.

  • A Guide to Obtaining a D2 Visa and Permanent Residency

Having defined how you would persuade the Portuguese government to embrace your firm, it’s time to begin the formal progress. A Portuguese consulate or embassy is where you should start if you want to apply for a visa to Portugal. To learn more, visit the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs online. You will need the following formal papers before your consultation if you have a solid pitch and business plan:

The official form (obtainable from the respective embassy or consulate).

Documentation proving identity and eligibility to travel (and two up-to-date passport photos)

  • Appropriate travel insurance

Documentation showing that your present living condition is typical for your country of residence

A request for a criminal record inquiry by Portugal’s Immigration and Border Services (the SEF) (the SEF)

  • A Criminal record certificate from your country of residence

Documentation of financial stability (this varies depending on where you live, but you will also need to provide a statement of responsibility and have it signed by a Portuguese national or someone resident in Portugal).

Final Thoughts on the Residence Permit and Beyond

Four months after your Portugal D2 visa application issuer, you must enter Portugal and apply for a residence permit. When applying for Portuguese citizenship, expect to wait at least four months. However, all you need to do within that time range is to get an appointment. Even if your position is months away and your visa has already expired, showing documentation of an upcoming appointment will make you a legal resident and allow you to conduct business as usual.

August 19th, 2022

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