Did your Canada Visitor Visa get denied? Know 5 genuine reasons

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It could be that you plan to visit the beautiful country of Canada to experience life, the culture there. There are several exotic places, forests, and high-tech cities present here that are worth the visit. This amazing country also welcomes eligible people from all walks of life from different parts of the globe to immigrate here.

What is Visitor Visa?

It is also referred to as Temporary Resident Visa (TRV). This official document is provided in your passport to allow Canadian authorities to know that you have fulfilled the essential criteria to enter this country. You may be a tourist, going for official reasons, worker, or student. Citizens belonging to specific countries are required to obtain a temporary visa to enter this country legally. To work or study in Canada, you are required to make an application for this document by giving a separate application.

Unfortunately, not all people are offered this tourist visa, since their applications get denied for various reasons. You need to be aware of those unwanted situations for which your TRV could possibly be denied. This is quite important even before you try to apply to the Canadian Visa office for the first time. For this, you can take the help of the Canada visa from Dubai experts. They have the necessary experience, knowledge, and certifications to provide appropriate and correct answers to all your queries. They can even guide you to filling up correctly your visa application, submitting the same with the Canadian Visa office on time, and another involved process. This way, the very first time you apply, whatever be the purpose you are applying for will get through. With expert guidance, you can expect to be allowed to visit this country without encumbering any legal hassle.

Top 5 reasons to deny Canadian Visitor Visas

  • Submitted only IRCC checklist specified documents: For TRV, the documents required by IRCC are given below. But based on your specific circumstances and location, it might vary.
    • Fees
    • Duly filled up forms
    • Passport
    • Photos
    • Additional documents as desired by your local visa office
    • Financial support proof
    • Photocopy of travel itinerary and/or return ticket

Submitting the above documents will not be sufficient to prove your returning back to your home country on completion of your visit. Submit as much evidence possible beyond the IRCC minimum guidelines. To qualify TRV, submit necessary documents to demonstrate proof to meet the following criteria:

  • Financial proof to show having means to support self, family and will return home.
  • Proof showing clearly that you intend to leave the country on completion of the approved stay.
  • Proof of not posing any kind of safety or security risk to Canadian citizens.
  • Proof f not having any criminal record.
  • Proof of not studying or working without authorization.
  • Proof of being in good mental & physical health and do not pose any risk to Canadian public health.
  • Misunderstand the test for issuing TRV: In recent times, the rate at which visa denials are increasing is quite alarming. Potential visitors belonging to certain countries will have to provide an authorized visitor visa. According to such countries, citizens of such countries are not allowed to overstay there, since there is always the risk of someone staying back illegally. But on authorization and approval of TRV, they can enter the country legally to spend their holidays/vacation or to attend some business meeting. They are also subjected to restricted or fixed stay in the country and various conditions. Visitors are also expected to board their flight as planned earlier and leave Canada on the specified date before their visa expires. Submitted evidence should be enough proof to confirm your return to your country of origin.
  • Not supporting your application with affidavits: For legal evidence, you will require to obtain a sworn affidavit. Even family and friends may support claims of having a connection with the home country. They can also swear affidavits that should be included with the visa application. Unlike an ordinary support letter, an affidavit is found to be more powerful. The reason is that legal consequences will be faced on swearing false affidavits. This will only make the visa officer deny your visa.
  • Not submitting enough evidence of your home country connections to prove to return back home: A good number of visitor visa applicants fail to take into consideration their home country connections along with the evidence to prove it. Some solid connections can be things like employment and property. TRV application is also to include lease agreements or title deed copies to property. A certified translator should get it translated properly while detailed employment contracts and letters should help identify you to be a permanent employee in an organization in the home country. It should also specify your employment duration, role, and when you are expected to join your job after vacation.

You also need to consider other home country connections that will act as solid proof of returning back home. It includes the following:

  • Are there aged family members that you really care about? Then you need to show evidence of responsibilities to be undertaken.
  • Are you an active member or leader of a church or community organization?
  • Not sufficient enough detailed letter provided: If you are visiting family, relatives or friends in Canada, then they should provide you with an invitation letter. It will also mention specifically the reason for your visit to that country, thus acting as solid proof to support your visitor visa application. This letter needs to be a detailed one, stating clearly your free lodging and food throughout your duration of stay. It also is to include your birth date, full name as well as confirm travel dates, both to & fro. Besides this, the letter is to be duly signed by the sponsor making the invitation with contact details and physical home or office address. It allows IRCC to confirm the inviter and invitee’s real intentions.

Therefore, following the above details will enable you to avoid your Canada visit visa from Dubai getting denied.

October 15th, 2021

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