Do you know about New Zealand immigration via skilled workers visa?

New Zealand

You can live in New Zealand under the skilled immigrant category. Your skills, qualifications or experience can get you to New Zealand if that is something that they need, you may be able to apply for their resident visa, and New Zealand work visa.

The Skilled Immigrant Policy is based on various factors such as age, qualification, work experience, and an offer of skilled employment. The age criteria that you should be under the age of 55 or under to meet the requirements of English language, health, and character. This system is based on points; the more you score on this scale of position, the higher are your chances.

The New Zealand Immigration consultancy is one such firm that will help you understand the functioning of these policies and the point system.

Let’s see how this process of these points system work: –

  • Self-Assessment:
  • One has to check if they meet all the criteria and tally the points accordingly.
  • Submit an Expression of Interest:
  • Note that there are fees and offices, and it has to be submitted online.
  • An invitation is sent if selected:
  • If you score 160 points or more, you may be sent an invitation from the EOI pool.
  • Submit a resident application:
  • Note that there are fees and offices, and you have to submit the form that is provided.
  • Visa:
  • If the process is successful, then the resident visa will be granted. If successful, you can also apply for a New Zealand work visa. But you have to make sure to score good points in this process so that there are higher chances of you getting a work or resident visa.

A few mistakes to avoid while applying:
There are a few common mistakes to avoid while using that can harm the chances of you getting a resident visa. These mistakes are prevalent and, if not checked properly, can cause a disturbance in the process and lower the chances of you getting a permit. So it is always better to get guidance or check thoroughly before sending in the applications and not being hasty about it.

  • Provide valid qualifications:
    If you are claiming points for your requirement, they should at least be from a recognized institution or be on the list of requirements.
  • Job application not matched:
    Your skill should match the job you’re applying for in New Zealand. It should match only then can you claim points for this.
  • Bonus points criteria:
    If you want to claim your work experience bonus points, it stands mandatory for you to meet the strict requirements as notified on the Long-Term Skill Shortage List.

Migration policies can be a little difficult to understand since it gets complicated to follow the procedure. But New Zealand immigration consultancy has made it easier for you to understand the functioning of the migration. Right from work visas to resident visas, fees for the application, and the offices to visit all the queries will be answered. There are no worries if you go through New Zealand immigration consultancy.

December 1st, 2020

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