Family Visa for Australia

Family visa for Australia

The family visa is meant for reuniting the family and extended family members with their Australian relatives. There are different types of visa options for family members, which are as follows. 

Family spouse visa

The visa is meant for the married partner to join their spouse living in Australia. For this type of visa, the sponsor must be an Australian Citizen or permanent citizen. This is a temporary visa which is issued for 2 years only. After a span of 2 years, the relationship is re-examined. If the relationship is found to be genuine, a permanent visa is issued to the applicant. After receiving the approval, the partner is eligible to not only live but also work or study in the country. 

The applicant and their partner should be legally married in a de-facto relationship. Partners can be same or opposite-sex couples. They should be in relation for at least 12 months. After approval, the visa holder can study and work in Australia. They can access health care, benefit from social security, and apply for Australian citizenship. 

Prospective marriage visa

This type of visa, as the name suggests, allows the applicant to visit Australia for the purpose of getting married to their fiancé. The fiancé should be an Australian citizen or permanent resident of Australia. The nature of this visa is temporary, and its validity is for 9 months. Therefore, the applicant must marry their fiancé within 9 months. After the wedding takes place, if the visa holder intends to stay in Australia with their spouse, they can apply for an Australian spouse visa. 

The sponsoring partner should be at least 18 years of age. The applicant should furnish evidence of having met the sponsor physically and personally knowing them. They should also submit evidence that the applicant and sponsor are engaged and intend to marry within the validity of the visa. 

Aged parent visa

As the name suggests, an aged parent visa is meant for retired and aged parents to permanently stay with their children in Australia. The applicant needs to be living in Australia on a temporary visa. The sponsor or the children of the applicant should be eligible Australian citizens. The age of the make visa applicant should be 65 years, while the age of the female applicant should be at least 63 years. After approval, they can live and work in Australia. 

Parent visa

This is a commonly chosen migrant visa. The parent visa allows the parents to stay in Australia with their children permanently. The sponsor/ child should be eligible. For this type of visa, the applicant’s half of the children should be living permanently in Australia. After approval, the applicant can permanently live and work in Australia. 

The applicant should be able to clear the balance of the family test along with the health and character requirements. The visa holder is entitled to live, study, and work in Australia along with access to social security benefits, healthcare, and eligibility to apply for Australian citizenship. 

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