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Many skilled people who are good at their work migrate from one place to another in search of work. They move from one place to another in search of a better society, security, freedom to live, and a stable job with the citizenship of the place they migrate. These are the major reasons why a person moves from their native place to another place. However, one needs to take necessary precautions while following the process of immigration. It is very important to study in detail the process involved in migration. If the details are not clear, then many problems may arise in the process.

It has been observed that many people migrate from Oman to Canada in search of work. It is very important to consult a reputed immigration consultant to gain proper information about immigration. These consultants give adequate information about the process of immigration. If one has the advice of an immigration consultant, then things go smoothly. However, in any other case, one has to face a lot of problems. This is the reason why it is said to consider the advice of the consultants.

The key program for migrating to Canada is the Federal Skilled Work Program, popularly known as the FSWP. It acts as a golden opportunity for the people who want to work in Canada. It is very popular among all the people in Oman. It is believed that with the help of this program, the visa can be processed within a minimal waiting period of six months. This is the reason why many people who wish to work in Canada enroll themselves in this program. This program establishes the workers as permanent residents of Canada and that too within a very short period. However, one needs to follow the rules stated in this program precisely. If one follows the rules properly, then they would have to face no problems in getting their Canada visa from Oman.

This article discusses in detail the important legalities associated with the program. It will surely develop clarity in the minds of people interested in enrolling themselves in this program.

Important documents necessary for getting permanent residence in Canada

  • One must present the results of the English proficiency test  This is one mandatory document that needs to be submitted. There is a minimum cut-off for qualifying this program. The cut-off is generally a seven score that can be achieved comfortably. This document needs to be presented to prove the fact that the individual can understand English well without any sort of problem.
  • One must present a credential certificate related to education  Another important document that must be presented is the educational credential assessment that clearly states the academic achievements of the person outside Canada. This detail is required to make sure of the fact that the individual is educated enough to live in Canada.

Once these documents are submitted, then the individuals can enrol themselves in the program. If the details match the requirements, then the visa can be obtained within very little time and without any sort of complexities. This program is considered the most feasible option for Canada immigration Oman. This article is an attempt to cover all the aspects related to immigration. It will play a vital role in developing clarity in the minds of the readers.




August 22nd, 2021

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