How to get a Permanent Residency in NZ

permanent residency in New Zealand

If you want to get permanent residency in New Zealand, then you will have to follow a lot of steps and other types of methods. It is because of the fact that every country has its own rules and regulations that have to be complied with for offering a permanent residency to any person.

In such a situation, it is really important to mention the basic fact that many rules and regulations need to be complied with along with the filing of so many documents. This article would be explaining to you the correct method with the help of which this can be achieved.

Get a resident visa

It is important to mention that a resident visa is very important for living as a resident in the country of New Zealand. Initially, it is offered for a limited period of time, but over the period of time, it can get extended to get converted into a permanent visa as well on the fulfillment of certain conditions. It is a basic document which is issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country of New Zealand.

It is able to provide authority to a particular person to act as a resident in the country of New Zealand. It is also able to act as a person with a sufficient amount of rights and duties which are given to a natural citizen of the country. In order to convert that into a permanent visa, certain types of factors have to be ascertained.

Staying for enough time in New Zealand

It is important in the first place to make sure that you have lived in the country of New Zealand for a sufficient amount of time. A sufficient amount of time has to be determined according to the facts and circumstances of every case. It is important to consider that this is one of the most important characteristics because you will also get to know about other types of important factors.

This clarification would be usually obtained by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the different types of questions that it tries to answer across the website only. It is an important methodology for ensuring that your resident visa gets converted into a permanent visa.

Investment in new Zealand

It is very important to provide for the fact that investment in New Zealand is an important factor for the conversion. Until and unless this particular investment is not made by the person who wants to stay here, then there would be no advantage of the entire process.

This investment can be according to the threshold limit, which the foreign policy of the country has decided, and it is updated every year. The investment should be made in the specified category of the assets that are permissible to obtain investment from overseas residents.


It can be ultimately concluded that after the satisfaction of all these criteria, it becomes possible to obtain the perfect permanent resident visa in New Zealand. It is definitely important in the long run and brings the maximum amount of importance to achieving the target. This will ultimately ensure a lot of benefits get endorsed over a period of time.

January 30th, 2022

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