How to migrate from Dubai to Canada?

migrate from Dubai to Canada


Foreigners wishing to enter Canada for brief stays need to obtain Visitor Visas. Depending on your nationality, the reason for your travel, and the length of your stay, you may or may not require a visiting visa. The category of Canadian Visitor Visas covers several particular visitor visas that let people travel for a variety of activities, including visiting loved ones, getting married and taking vacations.

It is undoubtedly the best choice you could ever make if you decide to immigrate to Canada. The best opportunities for all immigrants and their families are available in Canada. It is a nation with a robust economy. Everything you could need is there. Numerous Canada visa consultants in Dubai can assist the immigrant in streamlining this process.

Typically, visitor visas are provided for an extended period. On occasion, at the visa officer’s discretion, they may be granted a term of ten years. Even yet, those who have longer-term visas are only permitted to stay in Canada for increments of six months. If they match the requirements, potential immigrants from the UAE may be able to submit a PNP application for direct immigration to Canada. They may also enroll in the Express Entry pool and get an invitation to apply for a nomination from a province that will choose applicants from the federal pool.

Motives for moving to Canada

In addition to its independence, Canada is a free nation that guarantees both its native residents and new immigrants their right to freedom. Canada offers its immigrants the freedom to live and work wherever they choose inside its borders. They are not constrained in any way. Even though it has a lot to offer immigrants, Canada is a country with a robust economy.

Most importantly, obtaining a visa to Canada has become incredibly simple because to the fact that the conditions are so simple that anyone can meet them.

Specific requirements for a visa in Canada as they are fairly simple-

  • Despite its expanding economy, Canada is perhaps the only nation that has not reduced the immigrant quota.
  • The immigrant quota has considerably simplified visa application and processing.
  • Immigrants have easy access to go to Canada and then, whenever they choose, return to their home countries.

Essential Documents

  • A six-month passport and a 90-day visa for the United Arab Emirates
  • A duplicate of your Emirates ID and a bank statement (6 months)
  • NOC letter addressed to the Canadian Embassy with information on the employee’s salary, position, joining date, and intended purpose of travel.
  • A copy of the business partner’s or owner’s trade license
  • 2 recent photographs with a white background, hotel and flight reservations, and, if appropriate, an invitation letter


Canada gives the best migration options for both businesspeople and skilled professionals. The primary contentious subject discussed in this article is how to apply for Canada visa from Dubai. A pretty straightforward procedure and excellent odds of acceptance are available to anyone wishing to apply for a Canada visa from Dubai. Visa processing will take at least 2-3 weeks after the interview and approval of the visa application.

October 12th, 2022

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