Immigration NEW ZEALAND Officially Announces The Reopening Of Borders From July 2022!

NEW ZEALAND Skilled Immigration

Move to a new place, and you’ll have new experiences.” Settling abroad for greener pastures is a dream that many nurture. However, only a few takes concrete steps toward achieving that goal. NEW ZEALAND Skilled Immigration services are inviting applicants to move to NEW ZEALAND to create a bright future in that beautiful country. People who are trained and experienced have been invited to send in their applications to become a part of the growth-oriented NEW ZEALAND community. A person who is interested in immigrating to NEW ZEALAND is required to express his intent of interest by providing some details:

  • Age: the age of the person should not be more than 55 years. Anyone who is beyond the 55-year curb is not eligible to apply under this category. Documentary proof will have to be attached for this.
  • Having a work permit in NEW ZEALAND: In case a person is already employed in NEW ZEALAND under the skilled category, he can submit the evidence and avail of the skilled category visa easily.
  • Residency Invitation: In case a person has been given an offer to apply for residence, he is expected to submit evidence for the same. This will include a comprehensive explanation of your job, working hours, duration of the work, your earnings, and the time when the person started working.
  • Having a qualification that is recognized by the government: In case a person has the required qualification, he is eligible to apply under the category of this visa. He may request the NEW ZEALAND Qualifications Authority to assess his educational aptitude.

All these requirements are checked, and grading is done to assess the eligibility under this category. Clearing these conditions means that the person can initiate the process of immigration to NEW ZEALAND. Although the processing takes time, from a couple of weeks to months, the applicants can take assistance from personal advisors for paperwork and filing, etc.

Additional regulations are applicable for the partner also, in case the visa is applied under the skilled category immigration. Mostly the applicants have to submit similar documents related to the partner also. NEW ZEALAND has opened its doors to trained people. It needs experts and professionals and is inviting them to fill in vocations in construction, engineering, trades, health, the computer technology sector, etc. These occupations are included in the newly introduced ‘Green List’ of occupations which serves as a guide for employers to appoint and recruit people with specific skills and talents.

The government of NEW ZEALAND has plans to attract the best talent for the development and advancement of their various economic sectors. There are provisions for absorbing not just the applicants but their partners also. Undoubtedly, it opens new avenues for all aspirants who wish to take the first step and join the large number of successful candidates who want to go on the NEW ZEALAND Skilled Immigration Visa. It is a major step to source global talents for NEW ZEALAND, and you must not let go of this opportunity if you desire to make it big in NZ.

June 19th, 2022

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