Immigration steps to follow in 2021 from the UAE to Canada

visa to canada from uae

Canada in 2019 had welcomed approximately 341,180 immigrants, about 10,000 more than the originally set target. For 2021-2023, the immigration level only seems to be raised. Approximately 1.23 million newcomers are expected to be invited to make permanency residency applications in Canada. By now, around 20,990 Emirati citizens are found to be living in this country. This number only seems to be increasing with each passing year and for various reasons. This country does boast of having an abundance of work and business opportunities combined with benefits and wages. It is also considered to be the most tolerant and multicultural nation globally while being among the safest for families to live peacefully. Hence, applying for immigration to Canada from UAE is a wise decision taken to have a wonderful life and enhance living standards.

Five best immigration pathways to Canada from the UAE

  • Immigrate to your choice of Province in Canada: You may perhaps consider moving to a specific Canadian province with your family. Perhaps, there is some job already waiting for you. In such a case, you should opt for the PNP (Provincial Nominee Program). Do express your intention in any of the given below ways:
    • Make applications through Express Entry linked PNP program by obtaining Express Entry profile.
    • Otherwise, apply directly to the territory or province of choice.

PNP applications previously took about 15-18 months to complete. Those still preferring to make applications through paper format have to wait this long even now. But online process is much quicker taking fewer 2-3 months than the paper format. But this is restricted to make applications for British Columbia PNP. But with a specific territory or province PNP, you will not be allowed to go outside this place to work and live. Also, you have to show proof of getting a valid work offer as well as display adequate work experience in the applied domain. It can help improve your CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score.

  • Express Entry Immigration: From UAE, there are several ways to immigrate legally to Canada. Express Entry System is considered to be the most popular one. It has been designed to assist experienced and skilled workers from all over the world to seek fast-tracked options to immigrate to Canada. This system generally manages three programs, providing ITA (|Innovations to Apply) every two weeks for permanent residency. They are as follows:
    • Canadian Experience Class
    • Federal Skilled Trades Program
    • Federal Skilled Worker Program

The benefit of implementing such a system is that the average visa processing duration is reduced to around 6-8 months. Moreover, it allows you to choose any territory or province to immigrate to even without having any job offer or work experience. But having both in hand will mean you can get an upper edge and enjoy better rankings when compared to other applicants. Remember, only those candidates with the highest ranking will receive permanent residency ITAs.

  • Visiting Canada to stay as a student: It is no considered to be a direct immigration route to Canada. But Emiratis who wish to study at Canada’s DLI (Designated Learning Institution) do have options to choose from to work and stay in this country. PGWPP (Post Graduation Worker Permit Program is one such option present. Selecting a study program of longer length will be useful. You will be able to work and stay in this country for a similar duration like that of your study program. In case you opt for 8 months study program, for instance, you can get Canadian work visa for 8 months validity. Hence, select a study program of 1-3 years as it will allow you to apply for majority of the immigration programs. It includes CEC (Canadian Experience Class), thereby permitting you to make permanent residency application as highly skilled worker. But then, you should have minimum one year work experience in this country. Various PNPs have also introduced different skilled and graduate worker programs. With a valid Canadian qualification, you can be one step near to getting Canadian Permanent Residency.
  • Atlantic Canada Immigration: By this time, you have already familiarized yourself with Express Entry. You may even have checked out the different potential Canadian provinces to move in. What about the Canadian Atlantic Coast? Most Emiratis are found to ignore this province in Canada or simply not know about its existence. The Atlantic Provinces include:
    • New Brunswick
    • Nova Scotia
    • Prince Edward Island
    • Labrador & Newfoundland

All the four provinces do boast of maintaining a happy and healthy balance between the modern amenities of a city and the rustic charm of a small town. They are also peaceful places to reside. Thus, the four provinces do make the perfect place to raise a family and enjoy high living standards. Also are present lots of worship places including mosques and Muslim academies meant for small children.

  • Temporary work in Canada: It is another way to reside in Canada. Temporary Canadian work permits or visas are obtained by most Emiratis to live there. It tends to speed up the process to work in this country. Simultaneously, you may obtain a sufficient amount of work experience allowing you to apply with different Canadian permanent programs. This country does claim to have lots of jobs vacant in various sectors and hence, invites immigrants from different countries from across the globe including the UAE. Some of the sectors that enjoy a huge demand for highly skilled and skilled workers are as follows:
    • Medical sector
    • Information Technology
    • Logistics & Transportation
    • Gas & Mining
    • Agriculture
    • Production & Manufacturing
    • Education

If you have plans to migrate to canada from uae, you need to choose wisely. Select a province or territory where there is ample scope to derive basic/higher learning for yourself and your children as well as abundant jobs in various fields. This will ensure that you and your family lead a happy, decent and satisfying life. You should get assistance from industry experts to realize your dream of living the Canadian dream.

October 11th, 2021

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