Key Factors That Make Canada an Attractive Alternative to Dubai

Canada visa from Dubai

A large number of people from all around the globe visit Dubai every year. Those in the professional workforce may get work permits to live and work in this tax haven. For what reasons, therefore, do residents of Dubai seek refuge in Canada?

Those looking to immigrate to Canada will find that they are welcomed with open arms. Those in need of a permanent place to call home might go to Canada for citizenship and permanent residence options. The country’s excellent educational system and many job opportunities also contribute to its popularity. A total of 405,303 new permanent residents entered Canada in 2021, exceeding the government’s goal. There are a select number of accredited immigration consultants in Dubai who have been in business for more than a decade and who have provided over 10,000 global visa approvals. They are the best option for a quick, low-priced, and stress-free Canadian work visa. The following are some of the most important considerations when deciding whether or not to move to Canada with the assistance of Canada immigration services in Dubai.

  • Strategies for Legal Immigration: Canada, in contrast to Dubai, has a variety of welcoming programmes and visas available. There are a number of programmes available to help people move to Canada and begin new lives there, including work and student visas, the Express Entry Program, the Provincial Nominee Program, etc.
  • Healthcare: Primary medical treatment is provided by the government. Everyone in Canada can have it at no cost. Healthcare in the medical, dental, optical, and related fields are all included. Citizens and permanent residents of Canada may get free medical treatment from the government by applying for a health insurance card.
  • Lifestyle: The standard of life in Canada is higher than in the United States because of longer vacations and more adaptable work hours. When it comes to quality of life and career prospects, Forbes ranked Canada sixth in the world. Most of Canada’s economy is based on providing services to others. As a percentage of the workforce, the service industry in Canada accounts for approximately 75 percent.
  • Possibilities for Training and Employment: The education they will get at one of Canada’s many prestigious institutions is much anticipated. The greatest thing is that after they graduate, students may seek permanent residency in Canada and begin working and settling down there. This is the best place for highly qualified experts to call home.
  • Independence to pursue business endeavours: A Canadian citizen has the legal right to own Canadian property. A person may either invest in an existing franchise or launch their own company from scratch.

It’s up to each person to decide whether they want to move or not. Many people decide to uproot their families in order to give their kids the best possible start in life. Those who are in search of better educational or occupational possibilities tend to dwell in and around Ontario, while those who are in search of more tranquil environments choose to settle in more rural areas. This is why it’s important to consider your own preferences.

How do you feel about moving to Canada from Dubai?

Those in need of assistance with the Express Entry application process may turn to Immigration Consultants in Dubai. All candidates who want Canada visa from Dubai should expect a smooth process thanks to the expertise of their certified staff. When it comes to questions about moving to Canada, nobody knows more than professionals immigration consultants.

September 22nd, 2022

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