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If you are looking for job opportunities in other countries, you can go to Canada as we all know this country will provide you with the best of opportunities. Settling down abroad is the dream of many people, but finding the right place to settle can be a bit tough. Know that various jobs are available in Canada in almost every field. Getting a Canada visa from UAE requires some basic formalities and documentation.

Still, it is always advised to seek help from immigration consultants. Depending upon your type of work, your work visa will be determined. Usually, people prefer to go to Canada on a work visa. The immigration consultants are aware of all the formalities and eligibilities and will make sure to provide the end-to-end solution to get the work permit. Also, there are many other types of visas, so make sure to know every type so that you can go with the right one.

To know more about work visa, refer to the following points:

  • Types of Canada work Permits- The Canadian work permit is divided into two categories- open work permit and employer-specific work permit. An open work permit means you can easily work for an employer in Canada. This is eligible if you are the spouse or family member is working temporarily in Canada. For the employer-specific work permit, the candidate needs to fulfill some conditions like the employer’s name, duration of the job as mentioned by the employer, and location.
  • Requirements- Before getting the work visa, it is important to show the application letter from the Canadian employer to the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). The process will usually take 24 weeks to process. To employ foreign candidates, the Canadian employers have to seek approval from the Labour market impact assessment (LMIA). Without the permission of LMIA, the foreign candidates will not be given a work visa, so here the Canadian employers need to seek their approval. So, in short, the candidates need to meet the requirements like a letter of an employment offer, LMIA copy, a contract, and a number assigned to LMIA.
  • Work permit process- To apply for a Canadian visa from UAE, the employers first need to seek approval from the Labour market impact assessment. They will look if there is a need for those foreign candidates or not. Once the approval is given, the employers will send a temporary job offer along with the LMIA number. The job letter will include the details like title of the job, description, commencement date and time of the job, position requirements including roles and duties, salaries, and exact address of the working place. Now the candidate will be able to apply for the work permit visa by going through some basic formalities.

So above are some points highlighting information about Canada work permit from UAE. If you are looking for immigration consultants, you can contact ‘Gazette Immigration Consultant’. They have the right expertise in this field, making sure to do the visa work with full efficiency.

April 19th, 2022

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