New Zealand Skilled Immigration

Skilled Migrant Visa – Bring your New Zealand dreams to work.

To speed up the life and development of the nation, New Zealand always takes its people along. It encourages immigrants to utilize their skills and contribute to the NZ economy. Skilled people from overseas have been the priority of this country to increase the development and help growing the finance sector.

The global citizens are welcomed and to improve the effectiveness for the society, they avail skilled migrant visas to encourage New Zealand skilled immigration.

You’ll find an ocean of opportunities in New Zealand that match your skills in demand. The skilled people in finance, trades, engineering, health, and education are likely to secure a well-paying job. This country is listed as the fastest developing country and the reason being the progressive society.

In terms of personal and economic development, there is no better place than New Zealand to grow, gain and give. To suffice your life with these opportunities, get your skilled migrant visa.

The process of skilled migrant Visas

1. Submission of Expression of Interest (EOI) – To immigrate to New Zealand, the foremost step is submitting an expression of interest. You present yourself and declare an interest to settle in New Zealand. The application form asks for the standard information that states your:

  • Health condition
  • Age
  • English language proficiency
  • No spoofing activities

The EOI is valid for 6 months. If you are not selected in the pool draw within this period, you have to reapply.

2. Receive an ITA

If a candidate scores between 100 and 135 points, he/she receives an invitation to apply (ITA) from the EOI pool and the current criterion is to score a minimum of 160 points out of 360. The individuals with the maximum score are automatically selected to receive an invitation to apply for a visa.

3. Point-based assessment

Claim your points and assure your selection based on the following factors:

  • Age – You must be 55 years of age or under.
  • Qualifications – If you qualify ITA, you’ll need to submit an original copy of your documents.
  • Skilled employment – NZ authority asks for an employer supplementary form under the skilled migrant category that must be provided by your employer. Along with this, you have to provide an employment agreement copy that contains your pay scale, working hours, and duration of employment.
  • Work experience – You must show your verified documents of work experience that include your working hours, job area, and the contact details of your employer.

4. Submission of resident application – Following the procedures, there is a requirement to submit a residence application form to New Zealand immigration.

5. Approval of issuing your visa – Upon successful examination and completion of the provided documents, the immigration personnel approves the visa application. Though you have to contribute for New Zealand’s economy to stand strong.

If you are seeking to immigrate to New Zealand, let Gazette Immigration resolve your aligned concerns and relieve you from the detailed procedure to get a skilled migrant visa. We offer visa services to explore the New Zealand skilled immigration from Dubai for UAE citizens. Contact us and let GI serve you.

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