Permanent Residence in Canada

Permanent Residence in Canada made it easy!

There might not have been a better time to move to Canada than now- the country of maple syrup, snowy winters, and ice hockey. Express Entry is a system used by the Canadian government to manage Canadian permanent residence applications for filling labor gaps through certain economic immigration programs. 

And believe it or not- gobbling up on maple syrup & pancakes on cold winter mornings are not even the most exciting reason to immigrate to Canada. 

Benefits of gaining permanent residence (PR) in Canada: 

  • Free schooling system for all residents
  • Free access to public healthcare
  • Freedom of expression and no religious or political persecution
  • Large job market and entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Scenic landscapes and cultural diversity. 

The country has been globally patted on the back for welcoming immigrants and refugees with arms wide open. You are even encouraged to move in with your family through their immigration policies. However, it is important to understand how Express Entry works and put forward your application based on the same. 

Express Entry has three categories to get Canada PR for skilled workers:

  • Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP)
  • Federal Skilled trades program
  • Canadian Experience Class

The first category- Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP) is for skilled workers from overseas. It invites skilled and talented people around the world to become a part of Canada’s economy. Individuals who have experience in managerial, professional, or technical jobs and skilled trades are considered skilled workers.

However, Canada has opportunities for unskilled workers who are valued for their manual labor and invaluable contribution to the economy. They are workers with basic education. Such individuals are given employability by factories, the food & beverage processing industry, janitorial services, etc. 

Eligibility criteria for Express Entry:

Be it for gaining Canada Express Entry Program from Dubai or any other place, several factors come to play when screening your eligibility for permanent residence in Canada through Express Entry:

  • Age: The minimum age to apply for Express Entry is 18 years. Although there is no upper age limit for application, individuals between 18-35 years have the highest probability of selection into the program. 
  • Education: According to the Canadian education standards, you are required to have the minimum education qualification of higher secondary. However, based on your position and place of employment, there might be additional requirements.

  • Work experience: A minimum of one year of experience is required in the respective role of skilled employment. 

  • Language Eligibility: To work or study in Canada, proficiency in English or French is necessary. While IELTS is the most commonly accepted test for English, the TEF exam is preferred for French.

  • Adaptability: You can score higher points on eligibility if your spouse or partner-in-law has a previous connection to Canada. This includes past education, work experience, or resident relatives in the country.

The Visa application process for Express Entry Program Canada is one of the most overwhelming Visa processes and applicants feel lost. But, not anymore! At Gazette, we have Visa experts who take care of the end-to-end Visa processing so you can sit back and relax. You can also avail of counseling at Gazette to get all your doubts and questions cleared about Canadian Visas from seasoned experts. Time to buckle up for your journey of living and working in Canada. 

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