Processing Time for Student Visa for Canada— What’s Important For Students to Know

Student Visa Canada

Most people are concerned about the Canada Student Visa processing time for Indian students before they apply for one. It’s difficult to predict the time it will take to process an application due to the increasing number of applicants.

Make sure to understand all factors that can affect the processing time. Here we help you have a hassle-free and smooth immigration with a simple guide—

What is a Student Visa?

Only international students can apply for a student visa. This visa is non-immigrant in nature and allows students to study in another country.

A study visa in Canada is referred to as a permit. International students are allowed to study only in Canada’s designated learning institutions (DLI).

The processing time for a student visa for Canada—

You should have an idea of the time it will take for your Canada Study Permit to be in your possession. This will make your immigration process much easier and hassle-free.

The processing time for a Canadian Student Visa application is usually between 3-4 weeks. This is, however, only an estimate. There are many factors that can significantly impact Canada’s Student Visa processing time.

Factors that impact the processing time—

Processing begins from the moment your application is received by the Embassy or visa granting authority. Below is a list of factors that can affect the processing time for student visas:

Type of application that you have submitted

If you have submitted the application with exact information.

Do supporting documents need to be presented?

If the immigration department is facing a backlog.

How fast do you respond to queries or requests from the authority?

The processing time may be delayed for applicants with criminal records.

Travel restrictions or bans implemented at the time you apply for your visa

The processing time for visas can also be affected by a shift in power

Is it possible to check the processing of a Canadian study permit?

Yes. The Canadian Immigration Department allows applicants for study visas to see the estimated processing time. To check the status of your visa request, you will need a unique tracking number.

Is there any kind of restrictions that students need to be aware of?

Yes. Air travellers must produce a negative COVID-19 result to their airline before they can board international flights to Canada.

You must attend a Designated Learning Institution.

To enter Canada, an international student must have a valid student visa/study permit and a Letter of Introduction. A Letter of Introduction is a document that confirms that a student has been approved for a study permit.

If the COVID-19 situation has caused the cancellation or suspension of a study program, international students cannot enter Canada.

Are there changes in the Canadian Study Visa application process due to Covid-19?

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on Canadian student visa timings. Many visa applications were delayed due to restrictions on travel. This was in the public health interest of the Canadian people as well as foreign nationals.

Let’s say you are applying from a high-risk area. You will have an additional 90 days to submit supporting documents to the authority.

If you want to study in Canada, the information dished out above will be immensely valuable for you.

September 6th, 2021

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