Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Are Investing In Portugal Golden Visa

Portugal-Visa Requirement

Portugal residency as an investing program, also known as Portugal golden visa, is one of the most popular ways to get permanent residency in the European Union. People with good net value prefer this way to get EU residency to safeguard their wealth. Seeing this, many entrepreneurs are coming forward for a Portugal entrepreneur visa to get the benefits of investment opportunities that this country has to offer.

Know that Portugal’s golden visa, launched in October 2012, is a legal naturalization process that invites the non-European Union countries to get fully permanent residency. To get the Portugal golden visa, it is important for the participant to be more than 18 years with no criminal record and good financial stability. Also, the applicant can apply for both individual and family. The eligible family will include a spouse and children under 18 years of age. As this includes some lengthy documentation procedures, it is always advised to seek help from any well-known immigration consultant. On average, it will take nearly 6 months for the applicant to get the right to live, work, travel, or study in Portugal.

Below are some of the reasons reflecting the reasons why entrepreneurs are investing in Portugal golden visa:

  • Pathway to citizenship- This is one of the legal paths to citizenship in Portugal. After meeting all the documents and getting the visa, you will be eligible to apply for Portuguese citizenship after 5 years. PR in Portugal will give you the same privileges and rights as a citizen- without a passport.
  • Good salaries- Investment opportunities are great in countries in the European Union. Countries in the EU are economically strong. Also, there are many labor jobs as well in Portugal, making sure that you are easily able to cover all your necessary costs. The labor is quite affordable in these countries, which will give you a competitive edge.
  • Standard of living- The main reason while shifting to this country, the entrepreneurs, businessmen, and investors are attracted to Portugal’s golden visa is the country’s high standard of living. In comparison to other European countries, this country’s living cost is way too less which makes it easy for them to settle down. In terms of education, living, food, etc, this is one of the best places to settle in.
  • Good relations- We all know that Portugal has good relations with other nations, which brings in good opportunities. This offers to open more businesses in this place as it has consistently good relations with other nations, which allows them to expand globally.

So above are some reasons why entrepreneurs are investing in Portugal’s golden visa. For your Portugal entrepreneur visa requirements, you can contact ‘Gazette immigration consultant’. They will help you with their assistance and will make sure to arrange all the required documents to get the Portugal golden visa. If you live in Dubai and are planning to settle in Portugal, you can contact them for professional guidance.

March 1st, 2022

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