Student Visa for Australia

Student Visa for Australia

Australia is one of the top countries that students prefer to pursue higher education. For Australian student visas, we are one of the best and experienced visa consultants. Our team of consultants helps applicants with application processing, visa processing, and eligibility assessment; in short, every kind of guidance helps students get through the Australian student visa process. 

Australia is known for its brilliant education system. In fact, it is one of the world’s leading countries for great education and career opportunities. Let’s have a look at the types of student visas for Australia:

  • Higher Education Student Visa

This type of visa enables you to pursue higher education in Australia from the listed course. The course can be bachelor’s degree, associate degree, graduate certificate, graduate diploma, or master’s. You can choose from 38 public and 2 private universities. The visa is valid for the duration of the education course. It’s a temporary visa, and visa holders can work for 20 hours per week. 

  • Vocational Training Student Visa

Foreign students that are approved for studying in authorized courses can apply for this visa. The authorized courses include vocational graduate certificate, vocational graduate diploma, diploma, or advance diploma. The visa is valid till the tenure of the course. It’s a temporary visa that allows the student to work 20 hours a week. They should furnish evidence of financial security and must have overseas student health insurance cover. 

  • School Student Visa

The applicant should have adequate English language prowess for the visa. They should be either registered in an authorized primary/ secondary school course or exchange program. They should show evidence of financial security and overseas student health insurance cover. If the applicant is below the age of 18, they should show parent’s or guardian’s permission to pursue a course in Australia. Students can work in Australia if they have crossed the minimum age for working. 

  • English Language Study Visa

Foreign students that aspire to pursue an English language course in Australia can apply for this visa. They need approval from the authority to apply for an Australian English Language Study visa. Applicant should be registered in an authorized English course as the primary course of study. The visa is valid till the tenure of the course. 

  • Postgraduate Research Student Visa

Foreign students with approval from educational institutes for pursuing a registered master’s degree by doctoral degree or research can apply for this type of visa. The applicant should have adequate financial support and overseas student health insurance cover. The visa is valid till the tenure of the course. 

  • Non-Award Student Visa

Foreign students who have received approval from an authorized institute for pursuing a course can apply for this visa. The eligible course here is the ones that don’t belong to any award of an Australian diploma, degree, or another formal award. The applicant must have an Australian non-award student visa to pursue these programs. The student should have overseas student health insurance cover and evidence of adequate financial support. 

For more queries and information on types of a student visa, get in touch with us today. 

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