Student Visa For Canada

Student Visa for Canada – Give your Canadian Education dream a pair of wings!

Canada undoubtedly is one of the most prosperous and rapidly developing countries in the world. Many people want not only to migrate to this country but also get an education there. A student visa to Canada is a must if you want to study in this country.

What is a student visa?

If you are aiming to obtain education from prestigious Canadian colleges, schools, or institutes, you need to obtain the so-called student visa. It is issued from the special visa department and is stamped onto your passport to confirm your rights to enter Canada as a temporary student resident.

In order to get a student visa, you must have a letter of enrollment from the selected Canadian university or institute. Documents necessary for student visa Canada are only accepted upon presenting the original enrollment letter. If you have already paid for the course, you must present a receipt of the payment for the first semester. If you have received a grant, then provide documentary evidence of the same.

Things you need to enroll in a University in Canada

Canada is a diverse and multilingual country, making it extremely important for students to know one of the major languages spoken in the country, English or French.

Every international educational institution has a rule of accepting students who are fluent in English since the knowledge of this global language makes it easier to work and communicate with international students, locals, and the university faculty.

A student chooses a university before enrolling. Each university belongs to one or another state where one of the recognized state languages ​​functions. Depending on this, institutions may require knowledge of French or English.

For admission to a Canadian University:

  • You must pass the English language tests like TOEFL, IELTS, TEF. Language proficiency tests are optional because it is not compulsory to know both state languages. Generally, for admission to a university, a B1-level academic exam is required.
  • If you have any certificate or diploma, these documents must be translated into English and legalized.
  • Resume and motivation letter of the student.
  • If there are any certificates of qualifications, awards – also attach them to the application.

What you need to get a Canadian student visa

An application for a student visa is a complex process. It involves an entire process of collecting documents and a receipt for payment of the consular fee to the nearest department of the Canadian Consulate. Also, all the documents must be translated into English and certified by a notary.

For a student temporary residence permit, you will need the following:

  • A valid international passport.
  • Completed visa application form.
  • Color photographs.
  • Original and copy of the invitation from the university.
  • Medical insurance for the entire duration of the trip (for a visa).
  • Hostel agreement for staying in Canada + receipt for payment of the payment for the first semester.
  • Confirmation of a sufficient amount in the bank account. For the student, one of the parents must write a sponsorship letter.
  • A medical certificate from a doctor.

Registration of a Canada study visa from Dubai will be required mainly in cases where the duration of your studies exceeds six months. If the period is shorter, apply for a Visitor Visa. A student visa to Canada is not an immigration visa, so you must leave Canada upon graduation.

At Gazette, we make your Canadian Visa application a smooth, hassle-free, and affordable process. So, you can focus on your bright future ahead instead of worrying about your Visa formalities.

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