Temporary Resident Visa in Canada

Get Canada temporary resident visa quickly!

Known for its excellent healthcare and education system, Canada is one of the friendliest and most secure countries in the world.

For entrepreneurs and investors, Canada has vast business opportunities. The brilliant minds who support the economy of this nation, establish their predominance over here.

The abundant natural resources, captivating sights, welcoming people altogether attract thousands of visitors. Experiencing the liveliness and enjoying your stay among gleeful souls, this place is suitable for explorers. To have a sensation of quality life, you can travel to Canada on a temporary resident visa Canada.

Requirements for temporary resident visa:

  • A valid passport
  • Medical certificate stating your health condition.
  • The candidate must be 18 years or above.
  • No involvement in unlawful activities to protect the people of Canada.
  • Concrete evidence of funds to back up your visit
  • No intention to work or study without authorization
  • Must convince immigration officials that you will depart back to your nation at the end of your approved stay.


Temporary resident visa validity

A temporary resident visa is valid for 10 years. You’ll need to enter Canadian territory within this timeframe; else your visa will be repealed and you won’t be permissible in the country.

Application process:

Apply for a Visitor visa

For a visitor visa or TRV, usually, you have to apply 1-4 months before the planned date to be in the Canadian streets but Gazette Immigration services issues it within the shortest time possible.

If an individual plans to explore or visit family & friends, the immigration authority of Canada avails two types of temporary visas to them as a single entry and multiple entry visas.

The visitors with a single entry visa will be welcomed only once and you can arrive in and return to Canada multiple times within 6 months with your multiple entry visa.

Renewal of temporary resident visa (TRV)

The foreigners with permissible study or work permits as TRV have to update their visas timely. No one is allowed to leave Canada without renewal. Your visa usually expires after 6 months. It is advised to keep your visa updated in case of any emergency returns. The Canadian officials do not accept any invalid reasons to approve your exit.

Canada temporary visa from Dubai

There are many existing options for UAE citizens who are looking to immigrate to Canada for permanent residency under the programs such as federal economy class, provincial economic class, business immigration, and more. For UAE people to travel for a temporary visit, they don’t need a visa. They are allowed to visit through valid ETA (electronic travel authorization), a document which is attached to their passports.

At Gazette Immigration, our experts guide you through the smooth process of application and obtaining your visa. We send frequent updates on the application process to our clients and help them to cut the waiting hours for visa services. Gear up and start planning to visit Canada!

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