Temporary Work Visa in Canada

Temporary work visa – Your stepping stone to a career in Canada!

Canada is a glamorous nation and a junction for skilled workers, entrepreneurs, investors, and international graduates. It maintains workplace safety standards and competitive wages to ensure qualitative growth.

The country offers and promotes employment to foreign workers temporarily to boost the development of the country. To grab a job offer, you’ll be eligible only if you have a temporary work visa Canada.

Temporary foreign worker program (TFWP)

The program is designed for those individuals who are seeking employment opportunities and express interest in working for Canadian society. A temporary foreign worker program is designed to effectuate the labor shortages to gear up the economy.

Foreign talent is recruited through the following streams:

  • Foreign academics – To increase the quality of education in post-secondary institutions, employers hire foreign nationals.
  • High-wage workers – Depending on the eligibility, an employer can hire an individual who will be paid at or above the median hourly pay of their territory.
  • Low-wage workers – The workers hired through this stream will be paid less than the median hourly pay of their territory.
  • In-home caretaker – Through this pilot program, individuals are recruited to take care of the children and the person with extreme medical needs.
  • Foreign agricultural workers – Canada facilitates the temporary workers hiring to fill specific agricultural requirements through this stream.
  • Global talent stream – This two-year pilot program enables Canadian employers to recruit highly skilled global talents to increase international competence.

After the effect of the pandemic, the Govt. of Canada has taken several flexible measures to reduce the burden for employers.

Before you apply, you must know the following measures of your employers:

  • Employers need LMIA (Labor Market Impact Assessment) to hire people from overseas. LMIA depicts the current status of employment needs and the requirement of foreign nationals when there is no Canadian citizen or permanent resident to fill the position.
  • They are free from submitting minute administrative changes to LMIA if it doesn’t impact their terms.
  • The employment duration for temporary workers earning low wages has been stretched to 2 years.
  • Employer approved LMIA is valid till Dec. 15, 2021, under SAWP (Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program)
  • Temporary work visas for workers under SAWP will be valid for 9 months instead of 8 months to accommodate quarantine days.


Eligibility criteria for a temporary work visa:

  • You must have authorized documents
  • Character certificate issued by the police department of your country of origin.
  • Convincing ability to convince immigration officials that you are not a threat to Canadian society.
  • Must assure the officers that you will not extend your unapproved stay once your visa expires.
  • A genuine health report to state your medical status and abnormal conditions if any.
  • Evidence to support finance of you and accompanying members
  • Proof to serve only the legitimate employer


The UAE citizens can easily get Canada temporary work visa from Dubai. You will need to get a job offer from a Canadian employer.

To provide you all the details and step by step guide, Gazette Immigration is just a call away. Let us help you through the application process and guide you on the right pathway to get your temporary work permit with ease.

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