The Best Ways to Gain PR in Canada

PR in Canada

Canadian PR (Permanent Residency) is the most highly sought-after visa category by skilled professionals for staying and working in Canada. It is a 5-year multiple entry visa that offers skilled workers from foreign countries a chance to work and settle in the country.

After 3 years of staying and working using the PR card, the best part is that you can change the Canadian PR status to Canadian citizenship.

Benefits of PR

The top advantages of gaining a Canadian PR are:

  • 5-year visa for Multiple Entry
  • ‘Family status’ enables both applicant and spouse to work in the country on a full-time basis.
  • Free social, health, and educational provisions for the complete family.
  • Eligibility to invite parents after settlement
  • Gain access to the USA

Minimum eligibility needs

The minimum needs to gain Permanent Residence in Canada are:

  • Gain at least 67 points in the immigration point system
  • Your occupation must figure in the ‘demand list’ of Canada
  • You must score well in the IELTS exam
  • You must maintain adequate funds in your account
  • You should furnish relevant documents for education, employment, language proficiency etc.

Documents required for PR

One must furnish the following documents depending on the attributes for claiming points as well as other relevant ones:

  • Transcripts of education
  • Experience letters for employment
  • Qualifying report by WES (World Education Services)
  • Scorecard of IELTS
  • Valid passport
  • Proof of identity
  • Clearance certificate from police and medical checks

Gaining PR from outside Canada

There are three simple steps:

  • Check your eligibility points followed by an educational evaluation by WES or other relevant bodies.
  • Apply online via through electronic portal called Express Entry and get chosen on the basis of your ranking.
  • Get an Invitation to Apply. Make the final application beside relevant fees and documents.

Point system

One must score 67 points from 100 to meet the needs of PR. In case one is accompanied by a spouse, her or his points will also be counted. The point-based system is as follows:

  • Age: 12 points
  • Work experience: maximum of 15 points
  • Education: maximum of 25 points
  • Skills in language: maximum of 28 points
  • Arranged employment: maximum of 10 points
  • Adaptability: maximum of 10 points

Basic needs for PR

  • Proof that one has sufficient funds for supporting stay in the country.
  • ECA or Educational Credential Assessment
  • Official translation and copies of documents supporting application for the visa
  • Educational certificates and degrees.
  • Test results of the assessment of skills
  • Results of language tests.

Step by step process of applying for PR

  • Complete ECA
  • Get needed IELTS score
  • Make a profile for Express Entry and lodge application in an online pool
  • Registration with job bank (optional)
  • Application for Provincial Nomination Program (optional)
  • Gain ITA (Invitation to Apply).
  • A mandatory criminal and medical background check by CIC (Canada Immigration and Citizenship).
  • Gain a confirmation of status as PR.
  • Lastly, submit a passport for visa stamping

The PR Card  

A PR card is typically issued for 5 years but sometimes can be issued only for 1 year. It is valid till the date of expiry mentioned on the card. The Canadian authorities send PR visas only to addresses inside the country. Sometimes, one may have to pick up the PR card in person from the stipulated government offices of Canada.

In sum, these are all major aspects of gaining a PR visa to live and work in Canada.

December 16th, 2021

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