Things to Know about the Portugal D7 Visa for Entrepreneurs and Self-Employed

D7 residency visa

If you are a non-EU citizen, whether an entrepreneur or self-employed, seeking to migrate to Portugal, the D7 visa for entrepreneurs is the right option to go for. Also, Portugal is an amazing place to settle down because of the good job opportunities and investment opportunities. Even if you are a retiree, this will turn out to be a great place for you if you have a good source of income and savings.

Though the process is a bit lengthy for the D7 visa, it is always advised to seek help from immigration consultants. Know that the visa can be renewed first after two years and then after 3 years. Once you live there for five years, you will be eligible for Portugal nationality. Make sure to comply with all the necessities. Many documents are required, and some important ones are a personal statement, proof of accommodation, and means of financial subsistence. It is important to convey the right financial situation with all the valid proof required.

So, as an entrepreneur or a self-employed, if you are interested in getting the D7 Portugal visa, follow the following points:

  • Eligibility- Know that it is important to have a good source of income because the state will accept those who won’t become a burden on the state. They will look for high income, which means high-income reliability. Your income should be from your pension, rental properties, salary from your job, dividends, etc. Also, one should have the ability to buy or rent accommodation in Portugal. You have to pass a basic language test. You have to be in Portugal for 16 months for the first two years, 28 months for three years, and make sure you live in Portugal for 6 consecutive months to get the residence permit.
  • Documents- A passport with more than 6 months validity, few passport size photos, a valid reason for obtaining Portugal residency, criminal record certificate, travel insurance, health insurance covered in Portugal, proof of financial statement (passive income), etc.
  • Cost- Know that the cost of getting the D7 Portugal visa is relatively low in comparison to other programs like Portugal golden visa. For a D7 visa application, you have to pay €75, and for your residence permit, you have to pay nearly €90. Know that this fee will include health insurance, flight tickets, accommodation, etc.
  • Processing time- To get the temporary visa, will take nearly 60 days, whereas to get the D7 Portugal visa will depend upon where you are applying for it. An appointment from SEF will take nearly 120 days, and once your documentation is done, it will take nearly 3 weeks to get the residence permit.

So, above are some of the points the entrepreneurs and self-employers should know while applying for a D7 residency visa. In case of any doubt, feel free to contact to ‘Gazette Immigration Consultant’ in UAE. They are the best immigration consultants making sure to help you in this process.

March 6th, 2022

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