Things You Need To Know About Business Visa In Canada

Business visa in Canada

Are you interested in starting a business in Canada? You will need a business visa. But there is a hidden mystery here. At present, Canada has no investor visa to help you establish a business over there. The old investor visa program has been discontinued, which allowed foreign businessmen to invest around $3 million into various Canadian projects and get awarded with a PR in return.

But you should not lose hope because there are plenty of secrets to get a business visa in Canada. These secrets will allow you to start a business venture in Canada and hence get a permanent residency.
So, let us get started unveiling those secrets one by one. But before you learn about those secrets, get a little understanding of business immigration.

Understanding Canadian business immigration

Business immigration is the power to establish and expand your business in Canada with a permanent residency. Every year, Canada provides great opportunities for business immigration via business immigration programs. These programs encourage foreign investment in the country and help foreign individuals to establish their business here successfully.
Some of the highly popular ways for business immigration in Canada are-

  • Buy an existing business
    You can buy an existing business that is operational in Canada. But you will have to adhere to the set rules to get permanent residence. You will have to retain the working staff during the transition of the business.
  • Start a new one
    You can also choose to open a new business following different provincial rules. However, one of the most common demands from the Canadian regulations is to create permanent employment for one of Canada’s permanent residents who should not be your immediate family member.
  • Buy an existing farm
    Canada, given that communities are supportive is best to buy a farm and start harvesting. The markets are more often stable, which is why ranchers and farmers live peaceful life there.
  • Find an investor
    Last but not least, you can immigrate to Canada to establish a business if you have secured funding from a designated organization by the Canadian government. This way, you will get permanent residency and an opportunity to grow at the global level.

Investor Visa Program in Canada has a great scope

If you have set skills and knowledge to execute any idea effectively, you can apply for a start-up visa program or investor visa program to immigrate to Canada. In this process, you will have to secure funds from designated organizations in Canada. You will need certain qualifiers like;

  • A qualifying idea of business
  • A letter of support from one of the designated organizations
  • Meeting with language requirements (You must be either good in English or French; you will have to secure a five or higher Canadian Language Benchmark Test.)
  • A proof that you are capable of settling in Canada with enough money in hand

Getting an investor visa in Canada is the least you can do to grab a permanent residence and the authority to run a business there. But there are much more ways to get a Canada business visa like a self-employed person program, business PNP programs, corporate immigration, etc.
Moreover, you can also seek an expert’s help in this concerned topic!!

June 26th, 2021

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