Travel Visa for Australia

Travel Visa for Australia

Australia is a popular travel destination for tourists from various parts of the globe. It is known for its culture, climate, economic policies, geography, and rich history. The country has been a host to thousands of tourists for years. Whether you are a tourist who wishes to explore how amazing Australia is or an entrepreneur who wishes to do business in Australia, you need to obtain a valid visa. 


There are different types of visa options available for travelling to Australia. Here’s a look:

Short Travel Visas

If you wish to explore Australia or meet a friend or relative in Australia, you can apply for a short travel visa. The applicant can get an electronic travel authority if they belong to eligible countries. If applicants wish to stay for more than 3 months, they need to get a paper-based tourist visa application. 

You need to show that you have a genuine intention to visit Australia for recreation or meeting friends or family. They should also be able to show evidence of having enough funds to support their travel. The applicant should be outside Australia when applying for the visa. 


ETA Tourist Visa

If you wish to visit Australia as a tourist, you need a valid visa. An ETA tourist visa is an electronic visa that is linked with a passport and allows you to travel to Australia. The ETA is as good as a visa and will be checked by the airline authority before your departure. With ETA, you can easily make short trips to Australia up to a period of 3 months. You need a passport, email address, and credit card for completing the transactions. With ETA, you can make multiple trips to the country. 


E- Visitor Visa

This is yet another visa option for tourists. However, an applicant can apply for this visa only when they wish to travel to Australia for business purposes such as attending business seminars or making new deals. The visa is valid for 12 months, and the visitor can stay for 3 months on a trip. The application for a visa can be made online. The applicant can get an extension if they apply from inside Australia. 


ETA Business Visitor Visa

The visa is meant for people who wish to visit Australia for business purposes. The visa enables the holder to make short trips to the country for business purposes such as meeting clients, attending seminars, etc. If the applicant is a business owner/ investor/ executive and they wish to move to Australia, they need to go through an online assessment for the business visa. If the visitor belongs to a non-ETA country, they will have to opt for a paper-based visa application. 

Business travellers from eligible countries can apply for ETA. The government provides 2 types of business ETAs for visitors, long stay and short stay. 

In case your visa application gets rejected, you can re-apply with a different subclass. For more information and queries on types of travel visas for Australia, get in touch with our team today. 

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