Understanding D7 Portugal Visa

residence visa for entrepreneurs

Also known as a freelance visa, the D7 Portugal visa has been designed for non-EU citizens who wish to relocate to Portugal. This is preferable for those who have a good financial status or wish to grow a business. The Portugal government will only prefer those who they think will be able to reside without being a burden on the country. For this, you have to show valid documents related to your income, savings, bank statements etc. The eligibility for a permanent residence visa is after five years.

You have to stay for at least 6 months consecutively or 8 non-consecutively months for a visa. It is always advised to consult or contact an immigration consultant as they have the right knowledge of the process. The visa process involves some lengthy documentation procedures, so they will take care of everything. Know that having the D7 visa will pave the way to get Portuguese citizenship. Also, only after getting the D7 Portugal visa will you enjoy the benefits like permanent free entry, tax benefits, work or study in Portugal, the health care system, and much more.

Following are the points to get the Portugal visa if you are planning for it:

  • Get a NIF number and open a bank account- Whether you are living in the country or not, it is important for you to get the NIF number which is a tax identification number. This is not a legal requirement, but you need to get it to complete some tasks. You can easily apply for a NIF number at the local branch of the citizen shop or the local tax office of the Portuguese tax authority.
  • Accommodation– You have to show the proof of your accommodation, so while submitting documents, make sure to attach the proof of booking or show the rental agreement.
  • Apply at the Portuguese consulate– You have to book an appointment at the Portuguese consulate in your jurisdiction. Some of the documents required are the D7 application form, passport, passport size photos, clear criminal background, travel insurance, proof of accommodation or booking, bank statement, proof of passive income, health insurance, etc.
  • Apply for a residence permit in Portugal– Once your application gets approved, you will get your visa, and for the next four months, you will be permitted to live in Portugal. For a residency card (for two years), you will have to use your visa. When your two years come to an end, your three-year residency card will be issued. In a total of five years, you will be applicable for Portugal citizenship. Again, documents like proof of income, accommodation, passport, passport size photos, health insurance, etc., will be required.

So, above is the step-by-step guide to getting a Portugal visa. Make sure to seek help from the best immigration consultant like ‘Gazette Immigration Consultant’. They are based in UAE and have the right expertise to get you the residence visa for entrepreneurs. They will offer efficient services and economic immigration services with our qualified and highly experienced team of consultants, helping you to make your visa process easy.

March 18th, 2022

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