Visitor Visa in New Zealand

Visitor Visa – New Zealand

Being a prosperous overseas destination, New Zealand holds a tempting beauty in its bag. When you enter its territory, you already begin to feel the zest in the winds of this land. It is the epitome of captivating treasures.

In your bucket list, New Zealand must be one of your priorities to visit once in your lifetime. Waterfalls, lakes, adventure, breathtaking sceneries, water sports, hiking, camping, lanes for a brisk walk, pleasant weather, and great food work altogether for the beautification of its regions.

You won’t find any hassles to apply for a Visitor Visa and your stay settlements.

Visitor Visa New Zealand – Stay duration

  • One can keep his seat in New Zealand for a duration of 9 months in an 18 months period with a visitor Visa.
  • The 18- month cycle starts from one year before you wished to be in New Zealand to the day you actually arrive there.

Extension of Visitor Visa in New Zealand

If you want to satiate your eyes more with its captivating sights or left undone with your intended work, you can apply for an extension to your visitor Visa for another 3 months to complete a visiting tenure for a year. This acquires a 24 month period.

After its expiry, you can’t stay a minute in New Zealand. To avoid legal difficulties, return to your country within the expiry period.

What do you need to apply for a Visitor Visa?

Be it anywhere, you can easily apply for your Visitor Visa. Know-how below:

  • Visa application form for your basic screening.
  • Evidence to prove your funds’ stability. A sufficient fund is required to make a decent living in New Zealand. Or, you should have any proven sponsorship to support your finances in the country.
  • In case, you are found to be incapable to expose your funds, your accommodating liabilities are put out at stake by immigration officers.
  • If your Visa doesn’t state ‘onward/return travel not required’, you must have a travel ticket to a country where you can get back to.


Are you allowed to work on Visitor Visa?

No one is eligible to work on this Visa; otherwise, it violates the norms of Visa policies in New Zealand. A specific Visa possesses a particular purpose.

Some people don’t have a visiting purpose and want to visit for a shorter time. To attend any program or business-related meetings, they can comply with New Zealand rules by applying for a special category Visa.

Can you get New Zealand Visitor Visa from Dubai?

UAE citizens don’t need New Zealand Visa as a visitor for up to 3 months. However, applying for an ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) is still a requirement. ETA is an electronic visa waiver that permits you to enter New Zealand. ETA is valid for 2 years only.

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