What Are The Mistakes To Avoid While Applying For The Visa?

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As a large number of people want to travel abroad for the holidays, many of them will be turned down owing to visa application errors. While tending to apply for the visa last minute, many people might miss out on a few information or some documents. So it is important to start planning and applying for a visa well in advance.

If you lack the time or cannot apply for a visa on your own, you can always get in touch with the best agency in Dubai for Canada immigration, and they can guide you in the best way possible.

Avoiding errors

When filling out a visa application form, applicants must include all of the necessary information in the format specified and in accordance with their travel documents. Incorrect information on the visa application form, such as the applicant’s name as it appears on their passport, passport number, and date of birth, is a typical blunder. While this may seem self-evident, most people tend to write information that contradicts their official documents or evidence of identification.

Making mistakes while submitting photographs

Many visa applications need the submission of passport-sized photographs. The precise picture criteria are usually mentioned in the application paperwork. Despite this, visa applicants frequently make the error of submitting inaccurate passport pictures. The following are some of the most typical problems with passport photos:

  • The photograph’s backdrop is the wrong colour.
  • The image is far too dark.
  • The photo isn’t the right size.

Attestation of bank statements

Applicants in some countries are required to provide bank statements that have been legally authenticated. While it is standard practice to provide bank statements, and most travelers are aware of this need, failing to get these bank statements certified is a typical mistake. It is critical to present verified bank statements that demonstrate your financial flexibility for the trip as well as your credit history.

It’s been cut too fine.

Every nation has a distinct processing period for visa applications, which varies based on the busy travel seasons. Travelers frequently postpone their visa applications to the last minute, giving little time to carefully follow the checklist and verify that all requirements are satisfied. Most nations accept visa applications up to 90 days ahead of departure, giving you plenty of time to deal with any unexpected delays.

Checking the to-do list

One of the most common mistakes applicants make is failing to consult the checklist or a standardized checklist for visa applications, resulting in the omission of important papers during submission. Even one missing document might make the application ineligible. As a result, double-checking with country-specific information is required prior to applying for a visa.

If you have a limited time and are not sure if you won’t be able to do it properly, you can always approach the best Canadian immigration consultants in Dubai. These consultants mostly take care of your paperwork and the visa application process for you and make sure that you will get your visa on time.

August 10th, 2021

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