What is the PR process for New Zealand?

New Zealand PR

If you want to stay as a permanent resident in the country of New Zealand, then you will have to follow a proper process that has been notified by the Ministry of External Affairs of that country. This particular process is very important to legally entitle yourself to all the rights and other types of facilities available to the citizens of New Zealand.

You are even protected from almost every kind of prosecution and legal consequence that may follow if you are discovered to live without a legal permanent residence. In such a situation, every person who wants to stay in the country of New Zealand should be following the process which has been given in the following way.

Application to the ministry of external affairs

The first important process should be to make an application to the minister of external affairs for a permanent visa. A permanent visa is very important because this entitles you to stay in that country permanently. But the country never issues permanent visas in one go.

It usually tries to issue another visa in the form of a resident visa from New Zealand PR, which is then converted into a permanent visa upon the fulfillment of a certain type of condition. There are different types of conditions that have to be fulfilled and complied with sufficiently in order to get entitled to the other kind of visa. In this way, it becomes important to mention that you need to make an application to the ministry of external affairs.

Other conditions fulfillment

If you want to fulfill the other conditions, then it is really important to make sure that you visit the website of the country so that you are convergent with the latest conditions. In the first place, you must have stayed in that particular area for a sufficient period of time. You should have even contributed to the economy of the country by paying a sufficient amount of taxes and meeting a sufficient amount of investment.

In such a situation, it becomes important to mention that even the required base for economic and business activities must also be established in that country. After the successful accomplishment and compliance of all these types of conditions, you would be eligible to obtain permanent residence in the country of New Zealand.

No Objection Certificate

This Permanent Residence in New Zealand certificate is considered to be very important for a variety of purposes. It is important to mention that it provides a kind of guarantee and clearance that a given individual is not a criminal. It also tries to guarantee the economic position and the financial position of the person that he is not bankrupt.

It also shows that he is not associated with any political and religious organization and is not into the task of affecting the peace of New Zealand.


It can ultimately be concluded that this is one of the best ways in which you can get the certificate of permanent residence in the country of New Zealand. It is the best way to enjoy hassle-free travel and stay in that country.

February 14th, 2022

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