What rights will a nominee get with the help of the Provincial Nomination Program (PNP)?

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When it comes to immigration, it can get very difficult to keep up with the laws and follow the documentation process properly, and you can do this by going to an immigration consultancy service that will help you with the entire process and to get Canadian permanent residence. There are a few rules and regulations that you will need to follow to get the process completed as soon as possible.

The process for the nomination program is a two-step process where you first need to apply for a Provincial Nominee certificate and then apply for the permanent resident status to the Federal government for the final update on the application. The government has divided the provinces into different territories, and there are some requirements or laws that are unique to that part of the territory; while applying for the nominee program, you need to make sure that you are aware of all the territorial agreements and eligibility criteria that has been set. There is also a Letter of Interest that needs to be provided to communicate your interest in moving to the province to approve your status.

Here are some of the rights a permanent resident gets as per section 6 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms:

  1. The citizen has a right to enter, remain, and live in Canada. They can leave on their choice and are fully righted to do so.
  2. The citizen has full rights to take up or pursue the gaining of a livelihood in any of the provinces in the country and is bound to choose its own.

Due to the scenario of Covid-19, it has become difficult to get the process done quickly. The “Intent to settle” rule set by the government has been mainly changed to intent to contribute until the grant of permanent residence is provided to them. Intent to contribute consists of the following aspects:

  1. Job creation
  2. Demand for goods and services
  3. Annual tax payments

This also helps in claiming the benefits of moving to a province. Till there permission is granted, the worker can stay on a work permit.  

The entire process to get a permanent residence is a two-step process where there needs to be a lot of documentation done to get done with the work properly. All this can be done easily with the help of a consultancy service that will guide the step-by-step process of application. You need to get the provincial nominee certificate first and then go ahead with the process of getting the certificate approved by the federal government.

When you hire consultants for this, you get accurate and updated information for everything, so if there are any changes in the laws, it can be solved easily, as due to Covid, there had been many delays with the process.

So, reach out to the best consultancy service today to get all the information on your rights as a permanent resident in Canada.

November 4th, 2021

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