Why are entrepreneurs migrating to Portugal?

entrepreneurship visa Portugal

There is no doubt that Portugal is the best in terms of safety, career opportunities, English proficiency, and much more. These factors attract many people to this country, especially entrepreneurs and self-employed people. Seeing this, many people apply for a D7 Portugal visa, permitting any non-EU or Swiss citizen to have a good passive income. Know that entrepreneurship visa Portugal is an affordable and attractive Portugal visa allowing people to settle in the country if having a stable financial situation.

Pensioners, retired foreign citizens or entrepreneurs with a stable income, having real estate, some financial investments, etc., can go for this visa. You have to fulfill the minimum wage set by the Portugal government. Know that you can renew your first after two years and the after three years. After living for five years, you will be eligible to apply for Portugal nationality. In order to get the D7 visa, you have to undergo some Portugal visa requirements. Apply from your home country for a temporary visa. Then you have to get an appointment from SEF, who will approve your D7 visa.

To know the reasons why entrepreneurs, prefer Portugal, check out here:

  • Quality of life- There is no doubt that Portugal will offer you a good quality of life. You will enjoy a comfortable life as the political and economic factors are also gaining some importance. Also, this country is very welcoming for the ex-pats, making sure they easily settle down.
  • Good network– Portugal has never been into conflicts which means it has good contacts with other nations. This will give the opportunity to the entrepreneur to expand their business globally.
  • Visa options– Portugal offers many visa options for the people to migrate to their country. They also support innovations and technical advancements, which cater many entrepreneurs to shift to Portugal.
  • Reasonable cost of living– It is true that many do not have to struggle financially while migrating to Portugal because the cost of living in Portugal is not too high. It has good quality of life, personal finance, cost of living, working life, and good family life. One will get amazing career opportunities to expand globally.
  • Visa process– The best thing is that if you have a good and stable passive income, you can easily complete the visa process without any hassle. Seek help from the immigration consultants as they will help you out with the documents. Just make sure to show all your financial documents like proof of income, bank statements, savings, if any, etc.
  • Family– Know that your whole family will be eligible for this visa, so you can easily migrate without leaving your family behind.

So, above are some of the reasons why entrepreneurs should relocate to Portugal. If you are looking for some help to get a Portugal visa for immigrant entrepreneurs, you can contact ‘Gazette Immigration Consultant’. They have the right professionals for you who have the expertise to assist you in everything. They will help you out with the documents and other related things.

March 14th, 2022

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